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Mesomorph Nutrition and Workout Plan

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Mesomorph Nutrition and Workout Plan

Mesomorph Nutrition and Workout Plan

Mesomorphs are by far the gifted ones when it comes to body type. They are naturally lean and muscular. They have little trouble putting on and taking off mass, whether fat or muscle, mesomorphs can do it easier. They have athletic bodies and mid to fast metabolism. Most athletes like bodybuilders, football players, basketball players, etc. are mesomorphs so that's why they look the way they look even when they do not workout a lot.  Meso's have athletic body with well-defined muscles. Female mesomorphs have that hour glass shaped while males have a rectangular body type. They generally have great posture and relatively thick skin.




Mesomorphs can adapt pretty quickly with any kind of resistance or interval training. Mesomorph can built muscle with a basic resistance training with sets having 10 to 12 reps each. They can go harder and heavier than ectomorphs because they can recover faster. Compound exercises are ideal because they recruit more muscles and free weights works best. Mesomorph also works best with cardio workouts because they retain muscle better. Training like stair master, crunch cardio, pilates and yoga are good for meso's to maintain that athletic body even though they eat a lot. The meso's training plan is the same with the ectomorphs but they don't have to use a pyramid approach. Their sets just needs 10 to 12 reps per set of 3 to maintain strength and endurance


Monday: Chest & Triceps (3 sets)

Chest                                                                    Triceps

Barbell Bench Press                                        Tricep Dips

Incline Dumbbell Press                                  Close-grip Cable Pressdowns

Inclined Barbell Bench Press                       Rope Cable Pressdown


Tuesday: Back & Biceps (3 sets)

Back                                                                       Biceps

Wide-grip Lat Pulldowns                               Standing Barbell Curl

Seated Cable Rows                                         Preacher Curls

Deadlifts                                                              Dumbbell Curls


Wednesday: Rest Day


Thursday: Leg Day (3 sets)

Quads                                                                   Hamstrings

Squats                                                                  Stiff-legged Deadlifts

Leg Press                                                             Leg Curls

Leg Extensions


Friday: Shoulders (3 sets)

Seated Barbell Press                                       Dumbbell Laterals

Seated Dumbbell Press                                 Barbell Shrugs / Upright Rows


Saturday & Sunday (Rest Days)




When it comes to nutrition, meso's have a basic profile on what they need to maintain muscle mass and keep their fat percentage low.  They need to focus on protein intake like from chicken, eggs, salmon, tuna, beef and supplement it with whey protein if necessary. They need to consume 1.5 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight to keep their ideal muscle mass. Having a six relatively small meal every 2 hours works better for mesomorphs than 3 big meals. They also need to increase their caloric consumption and use healthier oils like olive oil. They should also consume high-fiber foods like beans and fruits for them to avoid very sugary foods. Considering that mesomorphs tend to be more active, they also need to replenish their electrolyte usually through sports or energy drinks.


Final Note


As a final note, mesomorphs have a pretty easy time to bulk up or slim down that is why most bodybuilders have this body type. They can transform their bodies into bulky or beach body with relative ease. Meso's however needs to watch they eat because a lot of them also can get fat quickly. Some mesomorphs like Ronnie Coleman and Jay Cutler have really large built but can get large to the point that many mistake them for endomorphs.  The metabolism of mesomorph are generally balanced so not too fast but not too slow either which means that if they take in a lot of calories, they will still have to work hard in the gym to burn off those calories. They are lucky because they have very efficient metabolisms that they can get up and down the scale according what they aim for.

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