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Advantages of eating more frequently

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You probably must have heard about the five or six meal per day diet plan . If you are wondering what is it about, then read on. In simple words this meal plan suggests that eating food frequently and in small portions throughout the day. Studies reveal that there are some clear benefits of eating more frequently versus eating less frequently. In fact, it is seen that following such a meal plan is particularly helpful for people who are struggling with their weight loss. Let's delve a bit deeper into it.

Eating more frequently doesn't necessarily mean eating full stomach each and every time. The goal of this meal plan is to distribute your nutrition to smaller portions throughout the day. Simply put frequent meals will curb your appetite as the more frequently you eat, the less prone to hunger you will be. It is a common thing to feel sluggish after having a full meal. Also if you stay too long without eating, you may feel tired. By frequently, eating you get avoid getting the extremes on both ends and your energy levels will significantly improve.

Smaller meals and weight loss

It is seen that eating several small meals is more effective for weight loss than eating three regular meals. By eating more frequently and cutting down on the portion size, one can ensure that he eats fewer calories, less of fat and sugar per sitting. This method ensures that you stay fuller longer and that reduces your chances of overeating. A study also reveals that snacking at frequent intervals rather than gulping down large meals can also help in stimulating the metabolism. In fact having large meals can have detrimental effects on your weight loss goals. It is possible that after having a large meal, you will feel tempted to skip your next meal and that is not a good thing.

Studies reveal that by consuming smaller meals at regular intervals can help in boosting people's efficiency, productivity and energy. In case you have an irregular meal pattern, then you make experience periods of energy spikes and crashes. On the other hand, if you feel energetic all your waking hours then you will be more active and that is very important for one's overall good health.

Smaller and frequent meals can also help you in fighting chronic illnesses. It is seen that by having small meals at regular intervals you will have reduced cholesterol and a greater control over your sugar levels. Such meal plan gives one a better regulation on the blood glucose levels and prevents spikes.

How to derive the maximum benefit from such a meal plan?

There are clear benefits of having food frequently in small portions but one may need to understand that it doesn't work like magic. It is advisable to have smaller frequent meals, boosting the consumption of fruits and vegetables and eating things that are low on calories but are filling and nutritious. It is also important that you include complex carbohydrates in your diet to derive maximum energy and for a feeling of fullness.


Between three meals, you can allow room for tiny snacks to keep your metabolism steady. You still have to ensure that you have small meals for your main meals and low-calorie snacks for your snack time.
Choose snacks that:
¢ High in fiber. Whole grains, fruits, vegetables and beans are excellent examples.
¢ Carbs with low glycemic indexes. These include fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, and whole grains
¢ Are balanced with healthy fats and small amounts of proteins. Such snacks need to be satiating so choose bulky food items with low amounts of calories. These may include nuts and seeds, soy foods, olive oil or canola oil for your healthy fat and for flavor, and avocados.

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Advantages of eating more frequently

Advantages of eating more frequently