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Ten Ways to Avoid Holiday Weight gain

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Holidays can be a very frustrating time of year for people who are working hard to eat healthy and maintain a healthy weight. Given the number of parties and great amounts of special treats, it can be very difficult to stay healthy and avoid weight gain. We have compiled several healthy tips for helping you make smart choices and still enjoy your holidays.


1)      Be picky

Buffets are a great place to practice some self-control. Try not to pick things simply because someone you know made them or everyone else is trying it- make sure to only pick the things that you actually want to eat or drink. If you get the things you really want to eat to start with, you won't continue to have cravings and end up snacking on more food then you originally planned.

Ten Ways to Avoid Holiday Weight gain

Leftovers can help hosts and guests not overeat.



2)      Get in the Practice of using leftovers

One important thing to remember when you're at a party or at a family's house is that today is not the only day to eat! Making yourself a regular-sized take home plate of foods you didn't get to try or only get to eat during the holidays can help immensely. This allows you to not have to eat everything you see in one buffet-sized portion. It also helps the cook or hosting family to not be left with large amounts of foods they have to consume or dispose of later.


3)      Small plates help control portions

Over-eating can be a big problem during the holidays, but using a small plate can help. Smaller plates the size of saucers will force you to slow down while eating so you can digest some food and start to feel full before you go back for seconds. Also, eating on a full plate, even one that is small, can help your brain feel like it is getting a big serving of food- it's a psychological tool that is often used for weight loss.


4)      Check your weight

A simple thing that can help you stay on track is simply to weight yourself once a week. This will help you stay responsible for the decisions you are making every day and make sure to stay near your ideal weight.


5)      Eat well during the day

If you are trying to watch your weight during holidays, make sure to eat full, regular meals during the day. If you avoid eating during the day to save calories, you will end up starving and indulge more than you planned in the evening which means you will end up eating more calories than you otherwise would have.


6)      Keep exercising

You can also make a pact to continue regular exercise during the holiday season. If you and a friend make a reasonable schedule that allows you to attend parties but also still get in a few workouts a week, it will be a great prevention to not gain weight. And if you can commit to working out while you are busy, it will be even easier to continue when things slow down after the holiday season.


Substitute water once a day to help decrease calories.



7)      Drink healthy

Try to avoid lots of calories with sodas or alcoholic drinks by substituting just one drink a day for a glass of water or tea.


8)      Slow down

Taking your time when eating can help decrease how much food you consume. When you eat sit down, enjoy the food, and chew slowly.


9)      Set realistic goals

For your holiday season, set small goals about staying healthy, rather than making big new goals about extreme weight loss, crazy dedicated work-outs or serious avoidance of foods. Settings small, realistic goals will make you more likely to be successful and more likely to be able to handle the holidays next year as well.


Have a friend help you stick to your goals.


10)   Don't do it alone

Making sure to have a friend or family member who can help you stay accountable to your eating and health goals can be very helpful. This person can also be vital in making sure you do your workouts and all the rest of your holiday goals.