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Why is it dangerous to lose weight fast

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Why is it dangerous to lose weight fast

The number of people of all ages suffering from obesity is increasing rapidly over the years.  There are several reasons for this ranging from genetics and individual metabolisms to unhealthy lifestyle habits; and there are just as much unwanted consequences of excess weight including life threatening heart diseases, stroke and diabetes.

lose weight fast

Of course, the best way to avoid these complications is to shed weight, of which there are several ways to achieve.  However, as tempting as the thought is, losing weight fast is far from ideal for a good number of reasons:

Fast Weight Loss Sends Your Metabolism Plummeting.  By losing a lot of weight quickly, the body is tricked into thinking that it will soon run out of energy and viable calorie sources.  This causes the body to slow down all metabolic processes in an effort to conserve your remaining energy; and a more sluggish than usual metabolism will hamper anyone’s weight loss process in the long run.

 It Might Not Be Even Fat You’re Losing.  Several quick weight loss diets usually involving fasts and set schedules of minimal food intakes do make good with their claims of helping some shed their weight.  The problem is, most of the time, the weight actually lost is either water weight or lean muscle mass.  This is bad because not only do the majority get their weight back once they’re off the diet, but also because the loss of lean muscle mass slows the metabolic rate even further.  Not eating properly also deprives you of the essential vitamins and minerals to maintaining overall health and can even spike insulin levels up, increasing high sugar cravings.

Weight loss pills have dangerous side effects.  Unfortunately, there are many non-FDA approved quick weight loss diet pills in the market.  Many of these pills contain dangerous ingredients such as ephedra, a FDA banned compound found to increase risk for heart attacks and strokes.  Other side effects associated with diet pill use include seizures, fatigue, dizziness, electrolyte imbalances, malnutrition and tissue damage.  Also, there’s no guarantee that the weight you did shed is really fat or actually muscle mass.

 Quick weight loss makes you more prone to gallstones.  Losing weight quickly is found to be one of the leading causes of gallstones formation.  It is believed that because the body is losing weight faster than anticipated (at most one should shed only 2 lbs/week), imbalances in salts and cholesterol levels in the gallbladder can form crystallized stones.  Accumulating too many or too big gallbladder stones can then cause gallbladder infection and eventual removal.

Liver damage is also a possibility.  Some experts now believe that, other than excessive alcohol intake, rapid weight loss can be another cause for fatty liver.  This damage is believed to be cause by the same reason behind gallstones formation during rapid weight loss.  Fatty livers don’t function as optimally in breaking down fat and eliminating toxins as well as putting you at risk for other liver diseases such as cancer.

lose weight fast

Temptations promising quick weight loss are rampant in the modern-day market.  But losing weight by means of diet pills, fad diets and the like are not only ineffective but also dangerous for your health.  The best way to lose weight is to do it the traditional, uphill battle way: through moderation of a proper, healthful diet and regular exercise.  That way, not only do you get to lose weight, you are also most likely to acquire healthy lifestyle weight watching habits.