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Why is stretching so important in every workout plan

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Have you ever asked yourself why is stretching so important in every workout plan? Stretching and exercise have been paired for as long as anyone can remember. Here are some of the reasons that everyone should stretch.

Stretching for the Body

Stretching is widely remembered for increasing or keeping your flexibility. What we do not realize is that stretching actually helps us maintain the correct posture to keep from having back problems. (Source: https://www.doctortipster.com/8626-back-pain-relief-stretching-to-relieve-back-pain.html)

If you stretch at the beginning of each day, your muscles will be prepared for the day. Your muscles absorb more nutrients because the blood flowing to your muscles is almost doubled. You are also less likely to injure yourself throughout the day.

Stretching allows us to release the tension that our bodies are carrying and gives us the ability to work out old injuries or the tight muscles that we can get from sitting too much. It is important to remember that you muscles need to be warm before you begin. If you are working out, make sure that you do a warm up before you do your workout to make sure that you do not hurt yourself. A warm up should consist of the same movements that you are planning on using throughout your workout. This helps prime your muscles before you work outStretching allows you to cool your body down and relax after the workout has been completed.

Most people to stretch their entire body because they think that doing it that way will be the most beneficial way to do the stretches. When you are properly stretching, you are focusing on specific areas of the body to reap the full rewards of the stretch. This is something that is regularly taught in a yoga or a palates class. Those classes are great at least once a week so that you can improve your stretching. These classes can last anywhere from 45-90 minutes long depending on the type of class that you are going to and where you take it. For example, a yoga studio would have a 90 minute class whereas a gym might have a yoga class for an hour.

Good for the Mind

Stretching gives your brain time to unwind. While your body recharges during stretching, your mind fades away. Many people attend yoga classes to relax for about an hour while stretching the body. While people are in a yoga class, they can focus on releasing different areas that have tension. Many people have noticed that their medical problems can be helped by a regular routine of stretching. Stretching helps us release the day-to-day stress that we carry. Many people will attend these classes during times of distress to help cope with the problems that they are going through. Stretching allows us to just be present in what we are doing and not what we are constantly thinking about. Many people find that stretching is very therapeutic for their bodies and their minds. Stretching gives many people the strength to persevere through the hardest of times.


Pain is not gain

Remember that stretching is not done to trigger pain, thus effective stretching should not be a challenge and should be done painlessly. Yes, you need to feel some tension while you stretch, this shows that you are really working it but pain is a negative signs which may indicate that you are causing some damage. Prolonged exercises done along with pain may result in injuries such as sprains and strains that require medical attention and rest from the activity that caused the injury.

If you feel any pain while stretching, loosen your stretch a little bit until you feel tense but not in pain. Make sure you always inhale and exhale properly while you stretch and relax.