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Smoking is a known factor in causing lung cancer. However, lung cancer in non-smokers is also going up. What causes that?
PD-1 Protein Marker Can Predict Lung Cancer Survival

A biomarker called PD-1 could be the key to predicting survival or disease free interval in lung cancer patients who have had their tumor...
Chemical Inhibitor NGI-1 Curbs Lung Cancer

NGI-1 is a chemical inhibitor identified by researchers at the Yale School of Medicine which limits the growth of lung tumor cells. The inhibitor...
Lungs Cancer

Lungs Cancer In a report published recently in Nature Communications, researchers from John Hopkins have revealed that they have discovered what they believe to...
Lungs Cancer

Vaccine Increases Lung Cancer Survival Rates New possible advances in treatment of lung cancer were presented at the AACR Annual Meeting 2012, held March 31 - April...