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Folliculitis-Causes,Symptoms,Treatment and Prevention

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Folliculitis is an infection of the hair root. Each hair grows from a hair follicle, which is found in the middle layer of skin that is called the dermis.Hair follicle can be invaded by germs, and consequently here will appear an inflammation of the hair root. Folliculitis can appear on any part of the body covered with hair, but most often it occurs in the face, scalp and areas that come in close contact with the clothing,like hips and groin regions.


Folliculitis can be caused by fungus, bacteria, or may be non-bacterial.Bacterium that can cause folliculitis is Staphylococcus aureus.Superficial Staphylococcus folliculitis is common, occurs in people of all ages, and generally occurs on the face, scalp, torso, thighs or buttocks.

Folliculitis caused by the fungus is more common and more difficult in people with weaker immune system.Folliculitis development is favored by skin lesions or damage of hair follicles.

For example,hair removal,clothes that irritate the skin,sweat ,oil and make-up can cause damage of hair follicles,which can cause folliculitis.Fungus that can cause folliculitis are:
¢Trichophyton – because hair removal razor
¢Pityrosporum -is manifest on the shoulders and back, especially in adolescents
¢Candida -is manifest on the scalp and soft areas such as breasts or buttocks,especially in obese people. Non-infectious folliculitis is caused by oil or grease in contact with skin.




Early symptoms include redness ,surrounding in one or more root hairs , accompanied by pain and itching. Later,red areas and inflamed bumps turn into blisters which containing pus and gives a burning sensation. They break at some point and from them flows the blood and pus.

Some pustules,that develop in deeper follicles,are larger and more painful. They can turn into boils and can be accompanied by fever and impaired general condition.
There can exist a type of folliculitis that occurs after a hot bath,which is especially localized on the chest, arms and legs,but that type of folliculitis will disappear after a week.


Proper treatment depends on the etiology of infection.

¢For bacterial folliculitis you can use antibiotic ointments or antiseptic substances. If folliculitis is more severe is necessary to administer antibiotic pills.
¢For fungal folliculitis you need antifungal drugs ,such as fluconazole.
¢If folliculitis is located on the scalp, dermatologist can prescribe a shampoo which containing selenium sulfide or propylene glycol.
¢ If folliculitis does not respond to antibiotic treatment or it appear very often, you can turn to laser treatment, which consists in the destruction of hair follicles with a laser.

Measures you can take home are:

¢ Use an antibacterial soap;

¢ Use a shampoo based on selenium;

¢ Apply warm compresses to the affected area;


For prevention of this disease is recommended by maintaining a good body hygiene,daily showers with warm water and plenty of soap and shampoo;you must to avoid using towel with other persons,you have to wear loose clothing,and you can also use creams or lotions after hair removal.