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How to keep your skin healthy while washing your hands often

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When you wash your hands often, it can keep germs away, but it may also damage your skin. Instead of washing your hands in hot water, you can use warm water. That will keep your hands from getting dry.

Let's find out how you can wash your hands frequently but still keep your skin healthy.

Wash with warm water

You need to wash your hands with liquid soap or so for 20 seconds. While washing your hands, you need to cover your palms, back of the hands, wrist, fingernails, and in between fingers. While washing your hands, use lukewarm water but do not use hot water. Hot water will dry your skin, but it does not improve efficiency.

Hot water strips your hands of natural oils, so do not use it.

Use moisturizing soap

While washing your hands frequently, you can use a moisturizing liquid soap or a soap. Many soaps are available that can strip the skin and make them dry and cracked. You need soap or liquid soap that is moisturizing.

Find a liquid soap with a creamy consistency. Do not use bar soap.

A block of bar soap can cause unnecessary dryness. You need a good liquid soap because such soap will cause less drying to the skin.

Apply moisturizer

Frequently washing your hands can cause Dry out your hand. So, to prevent drying your skin, you need to immediately apply hand cream. If not a heavy layer, a light layer will also do.

Instead of using lotions, you can use creams are appointments because they are thicker than lotions.

Hand moisturizer is important because it restores the barrier function of the epidermis. It provides a protective film, fills in the small crevices between scales, it also increases the water content of the epidermis, suits the skin, and improves the skin’s appearance and texture.

Blot dry

When drying your hands, do not wipe to prevent micro-abrasions on the skin. Paper towels are good for you but if you are using cloth, it is better to have a towel. The towel should be cleaned once every three days. Also, ensure that your hands are thoroughly dried.

Wear gloves

Besides applying a moisturizer after washing your hands, you can soak your hands in plain water for five minutes and then apply moisturizer and wear gloves for the next one to 2 hours. It will ensure that the surface moisture gets inside your skin.

If you have really chapped hands, you need to use a thick cream and usually moisturize your hands and then wear cotton gloves overnight.

The globes are important because they will keep your hands moisturized for 6 to 8 hours and they will allow the skin on the hands to get the ?moisturizer.

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