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Common posture mistakes that we make every day

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There are many common posture mistakes that we make in our everyday life. These are not good for you and your body. Such mistakes may result in problems with your spinal cord.

Let's find out the common posture mistakes that we make.

Slouching in a chair

Slouching in a chair may increase tension in the muscles and it may in turn cause pain. If you're not sitting correctly and slouching whenever you sit, with time it will become problematic for you.

Sticking your bottom out

If you tend to stick your bottom out it may result in hyperlordosis. In this condition, an exaggerated invert curve of the lower back happens and it can create a Donald Duck portion.

Wearing high heels, excessive weight around the stomach, and pregnancy can result in a Donald Duck posture.

Standing with a flat back

A flat back means your pelvis is tucked in and your lower back is straight instead of naturally curved. It can cause you to step forward. If you have a flat back, you will find it difficult to stand for long periods.

This posture is generally caused by muscle imbalances. If you sit for long periods, it can contribute to a flat back.

Leaning on one leg

Leaning more on one leg while standing is another posture mistake that we make. It may feel comfortable if you have been standing for a while but it may result in spinal cord and muscle tension issues. Instead of that, you can use your buttocks and core muscles to keep you upright.

If you continue to put excessive pressure on one side of her lower back and hip by leaning more on one leg, over time you may suffer from muscle imbalance is around the pelvis area. That can cause muscular strain in the lower back and buttocks.

Hunched back and text neck

Hunching over your keyboard is usually a sign that you have a weak upper back and tight chest. If you continue to use this posture, it can result in developing a rounded-up back. It will then cause shoulder and upper back stiffness.

If you use your mobile phone for too long and too much, it can cause similar problems which are known as text neck.

Poking your chin

The poking chin posture is generally caused by sitting too low or a combination of other factors such as a hunched back, and a screen set too high.

You will need to improve your sitting habits and start exercising to correct your posture problems.

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