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Why do you need disinfecting wipes?

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Disinfecting wipes are generally disposable cleaning wipes that contain a germ-killing solution on them. They are capable of killing viruses and bacteria on different types of surfaces. You can use them to clean counters, TV remotes, do Nobbs and even phones.

The germ-killing ingredient that is present on such wipes is a chemical pesticide. Even though they use pesticides, they are certified and registered with an agency to ensure their safety.

Disinfecting wipes versus antibacterial or sanitizing wipes

Disinfecting wipes are generally used for hard surfaces in homes. On the other hand, sanitizing or anti-bacterial wipes are generally used for soft surfaces. Active wipes can kill bacteria but they do not kill viruses. They are generally used for sanitizing the hands. This type of anti-bacterial wipe cannot kill viruses like COVID-19 but disinfecting wipes can kill Covid 19 virus.

Sanitizing wipes may be alcohol-based vibes that are used on the hands. Sometimes they can also be used to disinfect surfaces.

How to use them?

Since disinfecting wipes contain some chemicals, it is important to use them the right way.

Look for EPA approval

Look at the package and see if the product is EPA approved. Such approved products have a long ETA registration number on them.

Read the directions

While using such a disinfecting wipe, first read the directions and warnings. Since there are different types of disinfectants available, it is necessary to know what you're working with. In some cases, you may need to wear gloves to protect your skin. Follow proper directions so that you do not make any mistakes while using them.

Remove visible dark and gunk first

Use a rack with soap and water or paper towels to remove visible gunk all that. Then you need to apply the disinfectant wipes to clean and disinfect the area.

Scrub with the white

Next, you need to use disinfectant wipes to scrub the area. The entire surface should be wet with the disinfectant. Keep it for some time so that the disinfectant can do its job. Ensure that the surface gets the necessary contact time, which is the amount of time that you need to leave the disinfectant on the surface without arranging or drying it.

Put the wipes away

Keep these wipes out of reach of children and parents.

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