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Build a better body image

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A healthy body may be of different shapes and sizes. However, some people may have a negative body image because they think the shape and size of their body is not good enough.

Even though it is thought to be more prevalent in women, even men can also have negative body image. Because of that many women are trying to lose weight and a good number of college aged women are suffering from eating disorders. Dangerously thin fashion models of today, airbrushed magazine covers and prevalent plastic surgery adds fuel to the blazing fire.

Body image issues can start at any point of time. Such issues may start even before some kids can tie their shoes. Even kids may want to be thinner, may fear becoming fat and may start dieting pretty early in life because of the body image issues.

People who have body image issues often need to change their bodies drastically to feel better.

Feeling better about ourselves

People who suffer from poor body image may suffer from emotional distress, low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, eating disorders and unhealthy dieting habits. All this can happen because the person does not like his or her present body shape and size.

You will need to start feeling better about yourself. This is not easy and it may take some time but it is possible to feel better about yourself irrespective of your size and shape.

How to improve your body image

If you need to improve your body image, that can be done without feeling negative and depressed about it. There are a few things that you can do which will improve your body.

Do things that make you feel beautiful

There are some things which are special for you. When you do this things, they make you feel beautiful. One study found that women said they feel beautiful when they help other people or spend time with their children. The study also found that women feel beautiful when they are physically active and successful. Some women may also feel beautiful when they do something artistic.

Try yoga

Yoga will balance your body and will help you to create a healthy body. You'll have a healthy body image if you are confident of your body as a whole. If you're confident the way it looks, the way it feels and the way is, then you are likely to have a positive and healthy body image.

Yoga can help you to boost confidence and self-esteem because while performing different yoga steps and workouts, you focus on how your body feels and not how it looks.

Help your kids

You can help your kids by setting an example which will also help you to feel good about yourself. Show them that you feel comfortable in your own skin. Do not call your children fat or ugly and do not use those adjectives on yourself as well. Do not send negative messages to your kids about the way they look.

You can show them good eating and exercising habits and your kids will learn from him. It will not only help you to feel good and look better but it will also help your children to feel more comfortable about themselves.