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How to support a person with bipolar disorder

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People who have bipolar disorder often need to struggle with it throughout their lives. This lifelong struggle can become easier for the person suffering from it if she or he can get some support. However, supporting a person suffering from bipolar disorder is difficult.

Such a person who suffers from bipolar disorder often has to deal with ignorance, stigma, the healthcare system, doctors, insurance, and many other challenges. In that case, what a loved one can do.

What can you do to help

Bipolar disorder can overwhelm a mentally ill person and also their loved ones. If you need to support someone with bipolar disorder, you can always ask yourself what can I do to help?

When you ask this question to the person suffering from the problem, it may mean a lot. You can ask the person suffering from it because no one knows better about what he needs than the person himself.

This is a simple question but it'll show that you care. It will also show that you will do whatever the person needs and it will show that you do not judge the person for the problem. Such a simple 6-word sentence sends a powerful message.

What else can you say

There are some other things that you can say to show your support. There are some statements that you can say to the person suffering from the problem that would show that you really care for the person. The patient will appreciate hearing the sentences.

  • I love and care about you and I always will.
  • This illness hasn't changed how I think of you or how I feel about you.
  • I'm here for you. I will not abandon you.

These are some simple sentences but these will work as a balm for the person who is suffering from a difficult disease.

What to do

You need to give the person emotional support by offering your support through the sentences mentioned above. Besides the emotional support, you can also do a few other things to help a person with bipolar disorder.

What can you do?

  • Try to learn about the bipolar disorder and the treatment options. Knowing about the problem will help you and the person more than you can imagine.
  • Try to respect the individuals wishes about treatment if possible
  • You can drive the person to and from medical appointments or pick up prescriptions
  • You can offer to attend appointments and take notes. This is beneficial because the person may have a hard time remembering exactly what the doctor said.
  • Offer to pick up groceries
  • Offer to make dinner sometimes
  • Offer to do the laundry or cleaning
  • Offer to check in on him from time to time and when the patient is in crisis
  • You can find and mental health support group for your own support and for the patient's

You can ask the person suffering from bipolar disorder about the support he or she needs. Sometimes the patient may not feel good or may feel shy about asking for help. While offering your support, only offer the support you know you can follow through on. You do not offer all the support necessary because it may not be possible for one person to do everything. You can set some limits and take care of yourself too.