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Christian counseling for anxiety

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Our faith is very crucial for our survival. This fate is the foundation that makes us feel safe and secure. However, because of the nature of daily living, we may sometimes experience anxiety. The habit of regular prayer definitely helps but sometimes we need more help than that. And if you need that help, such type of help is readily available.

You need to find someone who is knowledgeable and can understand what you're going through. You need a space to open up any need to be able to learn tools that will help you to get rid of anxiety.

What type of help can you expect?

If you're anxious about the future, you'll find help to get over such anxiety. You will also find help to get relief from social anxiety, phobias, and obsessive thoughts if you have any.

Everyone experiences stress and sometimes anyone can experience a little anxiety. But if it severely limits your ability to live fully, then you need to find some help that will help you to overcome the anxiety. If you often feel overwhelmed, stressed, obsess over things, nervous, out-of-control, then it is possible that you are struggling with an anxiety disorder. You do not have to live with chronic stress and anxiety because they can damage your physical and mental health and can negatively impact every aspect of your life.

When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought joy to my soul. ” Psalm 94:19

It is very difficult to control negative thoughts and behavior. Even though you believe in God and believe that God will help you to get over anxiety and frustration, sometimes it can be unbearable. If you go to a Christian counselor, the counselor will provide you with a safe and compassionate place for working on yourself so that you can deal with the anxiety issue at your own pace. You will also be able to learn about different effective tools which will help you to get relief from anxiety. It will help you to work towards lasting, positive change in your life.

Anxiety disorder symptoms include-

  • Uncontrollable thoughts, worry, or fear.
  • The feeling of dread, or impending danger.
  • Racing heartbeat.
  • Feeling suffocated or dizzy.
  • Feeling powerless.
  • Trouble concentrating.

If you can see the sentencing of your case, then probably you are facing an anxiety disorder. Each person may experience anxiety differently. A trained professional be able to find out if you are suffering from anxiety disorders and if that is the case, a good counselor can help you to find solutions to your anxiety problems.

Christian counseling for anxiety includes counseling for different types of anxiety disorders including generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, hoarding disorder, specific phobias, and others.

Finding the right kind of counseling

Finding quality Christian counseling for anxiety can be difficult. However, there are some platforms and online services available which make it easier for you to find the right kind of Christian counseling for anxiety.

The best Christian counseling for anxiety

If you're looking for the best therapy and spiritual health for anxiety, you'll find that in Online-Therapy.com.

Online-Therapy.com is an online platform that connects professionally trained Christian therapists with people who need help with different issues. These therapists and counselors can help you to get over your anxiety issue and live a normal life.

How does Online-Therapy.com work?

Online-Therapy.com is a platform for connecting licensed mental health professionals with clients. These clients may look for different types of mental health services. This platform connects clients and mental health professionals with a Christian background.

It is very easy to use. You need to sign up by going to the website and answer a few questions about yourself and the services that you're looking for. These answers are unnecessary to ensure that you find the right counselors and therapists. The website matches you with the right counselor using the information that you provide.

Christian counseling for anxiety can be varied and so it is important to know what you're looking for. However, you as a client, don't have to worry about it because the platform will do the work for you. It will take into consideration your answers and your preferences while finding the right counselor and therapists.

Why Online-Therapy.com?

  • Online-Therapy.com offers you the services of counselors and therapists who themselves are Christians. The counselors available on the website who identify themselves as Christians agree with the statement of faith that the platform has.
  • The counselors available on the platform are trained mental health professionals who have a minimum of three years of education and experience along with Master's or Doctorate degrees.
  • These counselors and therapists are experts and experienced in handling anxiety disorders.
  • You will get Christian therapy for anxiety from the counselors and therapists that you meet at the platform. They will utilize both the power of God and prayer along with the proven tools of psychology to help you deal with anxiety.
  • If you're worried about your privacy or if you do not want to disclose your real name, you can always sign up to the website with a nickname. You can remain completely anonymous.
  • Your information is always protected and kept confidential and is not shared with anyone else.
  • Since Christian counseling for anxiety is provided online, you do not have to leave the come forth and safety of your house. You can attend these sessions right from your home and at your convenience.
  • If you have social anxiety, you can choose the type of communication with the counselor that you like. Phone calls, live chat, and texting are available as modes of communication with the counselor. This way, you do not have to face another person while going through the counseling sessions.
  • You can use your mobile phone, tablet, or computer to attend the counseling sessions and to message your counselor. This means you can get Christian counseling for anxiety anytime, anywhere.


If you are a devout Christian, and you want Christian counseling for anxiety, you can easily find such services with the platform, Online-Therapy.com. You do not have to use between your faith or treating anxiety because you can have both of them together when you choose therapists and counselors from the platform.

God loves you and he wants to take care of yourself. Spiritual health for anxiety is available and you can get it just by extending your arm. It is available at the tip of your fingertips. All you have to do is click few times to find the right counselor for Christian counseling for anxiety.