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Pre-engagement counseling for a better relationship

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Pre-engagement counseling is becoming more popular because of the benefits it offers. If you want a stronger and better relationship, you need pre-engagement counseling.

Premarital counseling or pre-engagement counseling?

Many people go to premarital counseling after getting engaged and after the wedding date is fixed. When you get engaged and the wedding date is already fixed, the pressure on you is tremendous. Couples who go for premarital counseling, often find it embarrassing and difficult to point out different issues and problems, and flaws in the relationship at that point in time.

But if you go for pre-engagement counseling, you're going for the counselling before your engagement and there is time enough for both partners to talk about different issues, problems, and flaws. If necessary, in case of severe problems, the wedding date can be postponed or the wedding can be canceled. However, in the case of pre-engagement counseling, both the partners have enough time to talk to each other to find solutions to issues if there are any.

So, if you are planning to get engaged soon, take some time and go for online pre-engagement counseling along with your partner. Do this for the sake of your relations.


Many people think that when you go for pre-engagement counseling it means there are some problems in the relationship. Some other people also think that you need to go for counseling only when there are problems. That's not true. When you go for pre-engagement counseling, it does not mean that there are problems in the relationship. It also is not true that you need to go for counseling only when there are problems in the relationship. When you go for pre-engagement counseling or therapy, it helps you to deal with the pre-engagement anxiety and jitters. It will also help both of you to know each other more closely and deeply. Pre-engagement counseling is a very good way to ensure that you have a strong relationship in the future.

What is done in pre-engagement counseling?

In online pre-engagement counseling, the counselor helps both partners to talk about different aspects of the relationship. That counselor helps you to explore different features that are there and that will be there in the relationship future. You can explore the personality differences, family history, finances, past relationships, spirituality, sexual expectations, religiousness, child-raising issues, and other aspects of the relationship.

This type of counseling happens in a safe space where each partner can talk with the other partner honestly and openly about their feelings, thoughts, and expectations. This type of counseling can help you to put your and your partner's minds at ease regarding the wedding, compatibility, and plans.

Pre-engagement counseling is for everyone

Pre-engagement counseling is not reserved for couples of any specific religion. There is also no restriction for couples of any religion. Anyone can go for pre-engagement online counseling for couples. It is for all the couples who seek to understand themselves, their relationship, and their partner better. Many couples may also look for such counseling to reinforce their feelings and to assure themselves about their partner.

Benefits of online pre-engagement counseling

Online pre-engagement counseling can help you to get all the benefits of pre-engagement counseling without having to spend lots of time. If you are busy and don't have lots of time to go for counseling, then online counselling is what you need. You don't have to go to the office of the counselor when you opt for online counseling. You also don't have to travel and waste hours in that. It can do the counseling sessions right from your office or your home when both you and your partner have time in your hands.

Prepares couples for the reality of marriage

Pre-engagement counseling prepares couples for the reality of marriage and life together. It is a serious form of commitment for the partners and that is something that both the partners need to understand before they plunge into it. Passion, togetherness, and fun are important in such a relationship but responsibilities and expectations are also there in engagement or marriage. With the right counseling, both the partners will understand these aspects and they will be prepared for it when the time comes

Pre-engagement online counseling covers different aspects of the relationship and provides a comprehensive overview of the aspects associated with engagement and marriage. Partners who go for such counseling can realize that marriage is a relationship that is more than just passion and attraction.

How many sessions are necessary?

The frequency and number of sessions will depend on the client, which is you and your partner. Will depend on the interaction and communication between you and your counselor. Some people like to have short but frequent interactions but some others may need long and thorough but less frequent sessions. Depending on your need, the sessions can be scheduled at your convenience.

Which one is the best?

Online pre-engagement therapy is also affordable. It costs less than traditional face-to-face counseling. You also need to pay only for the sessions that you attend. There are many online counseling services available but we at Dr. Tipster recommend Online-Therapy.com.

Online-Therapy.com is an online counseling platform that specializes in relationship and marital counseling of couples and individuals. If you need pre-engagement counseling and want to do it right from your home or office, you can find many experienced and expert counselors from the platform. These counselors can help you to resolve your pre-engagement anxiety and other issues.

Online-Therapy.com offers convenient and affordable counseling services for couples and it can be accessed any time and any place. You can use your mobile phone, tablet, or your computer to talk to your counselor. You can go for the pre-engagement counseling alone or take part in it along with your partner.

Online-Therapy.com has a team of highly experienced and qualified counselors, psychologists, therapists, family therapists, and social workers were available 24/7. You can talk to your counselor as a couple and discuss different aspects of the relationship.

You can get feedback, advice, and guidance from the therapist or counselor on your thoughts, issues, and problems. The communication between you and the counselor will be completely confidential. By talking to the counselor about the relationship, you'll be able to get fully involved in your relationship.

The counseling will bring positive change in you and your partner and also in the relationship. It will help you to find common goals with your partner and ways to accomplish your goals. It can ask for help any time and anywhere. You can also go back and review the advice and guidance given to you by the counselor.