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Bad habits that cause haemorrhoids

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There are certain bad habits that can cause hemorrhoids. So, when you know about them, it'll be easier for you to avoid them so that you can avoid the possibility of developing hemorrhoids.

You are sitting on the toilet forever

It is definitely nice to hang out with your smartphone or tablet in the bathroom because it is quiet and relaxing in there, but he should not do that because if you're sitting too long and an open toilet bowl, it will result in gravity putting too much stress on these veins. So, do not spend too much time sitting in the toilet seat, once you're done get out of there.

You have the wrong diet

If you are eating the wrong foods that you should not eat, then you're going to suffer from hemorrhoids. If you are consuming too many fast foods and packaged snacks, the possibility of haemorrhoids will increase. You need to get enough fibre in your body and for that you will need to consume foods that have more fibre such as fruits and vegetables. The fibre that you get from your food helps in bulking up and soften your stool so it can sail through your GI tract smoothly. Scientific studies found that when you supplement your food with fibre, it reduces haemorrhoid symptoms and bleeding but it takes time to show effect.

You are doing it less

If you go to the toilet fewer than three times a week, probably you are constipated. The overall lumpy, hard stools will put extra strain on anal questions. Exercising regularly, eating enough fibre and sitting enough water will help you to get rid of this problem and will ensure that you get more regular. Women will need 25 g of fibre a day and man will need 38 g of fibre for better bowels.


If you're pregnant, that can also result in hemorrhoids. When you are pregnant, pressure on your abdomen from your uterus will increase and there will be hormonal changes and constipation. All of that can result in hemorrhoids. About 35% of pregnant women suffer from it. Traditional treatments like eating more fibre, staying hydrated and taking stool softeners can definitely help the expectant mom.

You're not active

If you're not exercising regularly, that can also result in hemorrhoids. Being active cannot only help you with your overall health, it can also help you to maintain a healthy weight. For every point increasing BMI, you have a 3.5% higher risk of suffering from hemorrhoids, according to surveys. Excess weight will put extra pressure on the anal area. Exercising regularly will ensure that all the activities inside your body are happening the right way and it will also help you to lose weight. So, find something that you like and start exercising regularly to avoid hemorrhoids and also to avoid some other health problems.

You are lifting heavy objects

If you are lifting heavy objects that can sometimes result in hemorrhoids. Too much weight on your hands will increase pressure in the rectum and then it can cause the veins known as the haemorrhoidal plexus to swell like a balloon. That will result in haemorrhoids. Even though it is difficult to avoid lifting heavy objects but if you lift it correctly with your knees and not your back that can help you to avoid hemorrhoids.

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