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Everything you need to know about the smoothie diet

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In a smoothie diet, you replace some of your meals with smoothies. The main objective of such a diet is to lose weight fast and in an easy way. As a part of a balanced diet, smoothies can help you to lose weight, but to get the maximum benefit from it, you will need to understand the ingredients, portion size and your overall eating plan.

How it works

You need to prepare and drink smoothies every day as meal replacements. Different programs will specify how many meals you need to replace in a week. Such a program generally lasts for 21 days or three weeks and during this three weeks you will find that you are losing fat. Generally, you prepare and drink two smoothies a day as meal replacements. Your third meal is up to you but you just need to make sure that the meal is low in calories. There is one cheat day per week for which you will get a recommended food list. Whenever you want to lose weight, you can simply take the 21 day cycle and repeat it.

What to eat

The smoothie ingredients often vary but it is mostly focus on fruits and vegetables. You can also include some protein and healthy fats. Depending on the program you are following, you will get a detailed food items and ingredients list. You will often find a solid food meal instructions in the program. You just need to follow that what to eat instruction. Many programs often allow some whole food recipes that you can try. However, the meals should be low in calories. You will also find recommendations about suggested low sugar, high-fibre snacks.

Recommended timing

Depends on the program. If you're following a 21 day plan, it is more likely that you will consume two meal replacement smoothies. You will replace your breakfast and lunch with smoothies. He can generally have one solid food meal and a few snacks.

Some programs allow for a flex day, where you consume one smoothie and two regular meals.

Benefits of the smoothie diet

The diet is mostly focused on fruits and vegetables. They are always an essential part of the healthy diet. They are low in calories and high in phytonutrients. It means, you will always be eating healthy foods which are good for your body.

When you follow the smoothie diet, you do not have to count your calories like many other eating plans. We do not have to count your carbohydrate consumption, you do not need a food diary or a full-time calorie counting system. However, when you are following the smoothie diet, you will need to be aware of the calorie present in the daily solid food meal. Since the recipes and weekly meal plans are provided with the system, you do not have to make many decisions or count calories in those recipes. That makes it easier for many people.

Such a program also offers shopping lists, which makes your life easier. Since the shopping lists are broken down by smoothie and by the week, your grocery shopping becomes easier.

It is a complete system where you do not have to do anything except prepare the smoothies and consume them. This is something very easy if you can follow it for the recommended period. If you can follow it, you will start seeing results within a few days of starting the program.

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