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Coronavirus- know about Coronavirus symptoms

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What is coronavirus and Covid-19? What are the symptoms that you need to know about and when you should see the doctor.


Covid-19 is the illness that started in Wuhan, China and which is creating so much fear in people around the world. It is caused by a member of the coronavirus family. This virus family has never been encountered before. According to experts, like other coronaviruses, it has also come from animals.

The most common symptoms

if you are worried about Covid-19 and Covid-19 reaching your doorstep, it'll be better for you to know more about the symptoms so that you can take the necessary steps to stop it from becoming dangerous for you and your family.

This virus can cause pneumonia. It is also reported that it will who suffer from coronavirus suffer from cough, fever and breathing difficulties. People who suffer from severe forms of this disease may suffer from organ failure.

This is a viral pneumonia and so antibiotics cannot help you here. The anti-viral drugs against flu will not work. The recovery of the patient depends on strength of the immune system. If you have found reports of people dying around different parts of the world, many of those where already in poor health.

When should you see a doctor?

If you have cough or fever, should you immediately go and see a doctor? Common cough and fever may happen due to flu or common cold and it may not be because of coronavirus infection.

There are few cases where you should go and see the doctor. If you have recently travelled from areas affected by coronavirus, you should stay indoors and avoid contact with other people. You should also called the respective medical establishment in your country and inform them of your recent travel to the area.

Can you transmit from one person to another?

Yes, it can transmit from one person to another. It has been transmitted from China to other parts of the world. According to the recent data on 9 March, more than 110,000 people have been infected in more than 80 countries. 3800 people have died from this virus and more than 3000 of these people wearing China. 62,000 people have recovered from the coronavirus till now.

Should you be really worried about it?

Till now, it is not known how dangerous the new coronavirus is. More data will be necessary to find out the danger of this virus. We have some data which we can use to compare at a future date when will have more data. Seasonal flu has a mortality rate below 1% and it causes about 400,000 deaths each year globally. Sars, on the other hand, had a death rate of more than 10%.

The contagiousness of coronavirus is not yet clear. Since this is a new virus, so it is not clearly known how contagious it is. However, there is a crucial difference with flu. There is no vaccine for the new coronavirus and so it can be more difficult to control. It can be more dangerous for vulnerable people in the population, including elderly people or people with existing respiratory or immune problems.

Hand washing and avoiding other people who are not well can help you to stay away from this virus.

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