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What is a carnivore diet and why do you need it?

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Carnivore diet is a diet that includes only foods that either walked, swarm or flew. There is no official definition but this is something very close. In this diet, you mostly eat meat.

The motivation behind following such a diet can be addressing an autoimmune condition or to attempt to lose weight. This diet is a step people take after trying the paleo diet or the ketogenic diet. You probably know that Paleo cavemen diet focuses on fresh fruits, vegetables, grass fed meat and wild seafood and eliminate added sugars, grains, dairy and legumes. The ketogenic diet is a high-fat, moderate protein and very low carbohydrate diet. On the other hand, the carnivore diet is a high protein diet.

Popularity of this diet

Shawn Baker played a big role in making this diet popular. He's an orthopaedic surgeon and considered a major leader in the carnivore diet movement. He wrote a book named The Carnivore Diet.

What to eat and what to avoid

If you are following the carnivore diet, you will need to follow the carnivore diet food list. Since it is a meat only diet, you are going to eat only meat.

Foods that you can eat

if you are on the carnivore diet, you can eat red meat (beef, pork, lamb), and Organ meats, Poultry,    Fish, Eggs, Lard, Bone marrow, Butter, Salt and pepper, Water, Bone broth etc.

Foods that may be okay on the carnivore diet

These foods might be acceptable since they may be interpreted as coming from an animal. Such foods include milk, yogurt, and cheese. Even though coffee and tea come from plants, some people also keep them in the diet.

Foods that are not allowed

There are certain foods which are not allowed when you are following the carnivore diet. Such foods include vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, legumes, bread, pasta, grains etc. You can follow a simple rule-anything that isn't meat is not allowed on the carnivore diet.

Health benefits of the carnivore diet

The carnivore diet is becoming more popular as a potential anti-inflammatory diet for people who suffer from different autoimmune conditions. Different stories done on the diet talk about its benefits in case of people suffering from depression. The carnivore diet is the most extreme elimination type of diet and it eliminates any food sensitivities people may react to. However, the carnivore that is more popular as a general weight loss diet. However, this diet is very new and there is no research on the health effects of an all meat diet.

Will it help in weight loss?

It is likely that it will help you in weight loss because you are eating just one type of food, which is meat. Here you are restricting your calories too much. Protein also provides you with more satiety and the basis for building muscle. This diet will also eliminate mindless eating and that can help you to get better results from whatever you are eating. It is also likely that you'll be in a state of ketosis on the carnivore diet. In that state, your body will burn fat for fuel rather than carbohydrates.

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