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Teeth Whitening – What You Need To Know

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Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening in the dental office is one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures, currently performed worldwide. Unlike teeth whitening kits for home, that contain substances with a low concentration of bleaching agent, this special procedure made under medical supervision allows the practitioner to apply a bleaching substance with a much higher concentration that is more effective.

Advantages of dental office teeth whitening 

Dental office teeth whitening advantages are :

  • Achievement of the desired results in the shortest period of time;
  • The safest form of teeth whitening;
  • Keep under control gum and tooth sensitivity. This is achieved by using gels with a firm texture that is not easily absorbed in the gingival tissue. Also in the present these products contain agents for desensitization as fluoride and potassium nitrate.
Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Dental office teeth whitening disadvantages

Dental office teeth whitening disadvantages are:

  • The cost of this procedure is higher than home whitening kits;
  • The results can’t be predicted and depend on factors such as age, heredity and the type of stain removed;
  • This procedure is not permanent, which is why dentists recommend using products with a minimum concentration of maintenance bleaching agent.

The best removed stains with the help of dental office teeth whitening

With dental office teeth whitening, the stains that are best removed are organic or yellowing of the teeth caused by:

  1. Aging. As time goes by, teeth acquire a yellow tint, brown, green or gray, due to hereditary factors or dietary habits. Spots with a yellow hue tend to respond better to treatment.
  2. Consumption of certain foods such as coffee, pharmacy online red wine, soda drinks and dark tinted fruits and vegetables.
  3. Smoking.

Stains that can not be removed by teeth whitening in the dental office

Even though teeth whitening in the dental office is considered an effective method, there are some stains that can not be removed by this procedure:

  • Inorganic nature stains;
  • Trauma, which lead to darkening of the dentin;
  • Exposure to tetracycline during tooth formation process;
  • Exposure to an excessive dose of fluoride, which causes fluorosis.

What persons should avoid teeth whitening in the dental office?

Dental office teeth whitening is not recommended in these situations:

Dental and gingival hypersensitivity . To avoid a hypersensitive reaction to high concentrations of peroxide used during this procedure, your dentist will probably recommend using a home whitening kit.

Deep and difficult to remove stains. Some stains in the teeth do not react in a positive way to dental office whitening . In these cases, your doctor will have to follow a teeth whitening treatment with the help of a professional kit on an extended  period of time. Also, as an alternative to teeth whitening you can opt for other cosmetic procedures such as dental bonding, dental crowns or porcelain dental veneers.

Teeth that increased the degree of transparency  with age.