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Treatments For Dry And Brittle Hair

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Dry And Brittle Hair

During the summer time, we must pay special attention to our hair care, because the sun and humidity are the biggest enemies of the hair, causing various unpleasant situations: split ends, dry or brittle hair. Normally, the moisture level of a healthy hair is about 10%, but sunlight has the same harmful effects as those of warm air hair dryer.

Dry hair is usually a symptom of exposure to adverse environmental or inadequate production of sebum. Sebum is secreted by the sebaceous glands, which are associated to hair follicles. Improper production of sebum leads to a oily or a dry scalp. Wet weather and excessive heat will stimulate the sebaceous glands and hair will become oily. Low temperatures and low humidity slows down the production of sebum, and in combination with the wind will lead to a excessively dry hair. 90% of people suffer from dry, brittle or frizzy hair because it is insufficiently hydrated.

Dry Hair

Dry Hair

There is a misconception according to which a person’s hair is dry because it suffers from a lack of natural oils. They say that vigorous brushing of the hair as many times with a natural brush or applying hot oil treatments will nourish the hair. But through these actions the hair quality will not improve in a meaningful way and the abuses of natural oil can have negative consequences.

Curly hair:

People with naturally curly hair or those who wrinkle their hair by chemical treatment will have to nourish and hydrate the hair in addition.

Chemical treatments (perms, hair dyes, etc.) will lead to a decrease in hair moisture, even up to 2%. When this happens will appear hair with split ends. If the moisture level of the hair will not be raised to 8%, then the hair will become brittle .

Those who live in areas with warm climates, prolonged exposure to sunlight or high temperatures should ensure that the hair care products they use contain substances with protection against harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.

How to moisture your hair:

For the hair to become smoother and easy to comb, it will be added six drops of lavender oil, bay and sandalwood (six drops of each one) in 150 grams of sesame or soy oil. For applying this composition to the scalp will be used a cotton swab. Then you should wrap your hair in a towel and let the oil to act and to penetrate into the hair for about 15 minutes. Wash your hair with a normal shampoo. Alternatively you can use flax seeds that have an excellent moisturizer role.

Mosture Hair

Mosture Hair

Treatment for dry hair:

Dry, thin and brittle hair is prone to breaking and requires after washing with shampoo, the use of a conditioner, which can prevent the hair to become brittle, to repair the protein structures and to moisture the hair. Hair coloring, chemical treatments, including the stretching of the hair during styling will decreases the moisture of the hair and will damage the cellular connection between the elastic proteins.

Argan oil is naturally oil, derived from argan, a plant native to Morocco. It is believed that this is one of the best treatments available for loss of hair  moisture, it is absorbed rapidly and will provide immediate shine. If with argan oil are used extracts of  hemp seed and dimethicone, the nutritional benefits to the hair, are multiple,  the hair will not be brittle and will be protected against damage caused by heat.

Is indicated that before styling to be use products that are designed to nourish the hair: reparative gel or cream, conditioner, etc.

Jojoba oil,  mimics the natural properties of sebum and is often used in products that are cleaning and moisturize the hair. Considered to be effective when is added in its pure form to washing and cleaning hair products, jojoba oil nourishes and provides humidity to the hair.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba Oil

Emu oil used for thousands of years ago by Australians, deeply moisturize the hair,  in a natural way. It is found usually in the composition of shampoos and conditioners, but can be used separately or together with vitamin E, in a hair treatment. It has antifungal and antibacterial qualities and is often used to treat psoriasis, eczema, irritation and inflammation of the scalp.

Rice protein and corn protein are two of the most effective ingredients that act in different ways. Rice proteins penetrates the hair and its reach the hair roots and have a significant role in treatment of damaged hair. Corn proteins are focused on the protection and will add shine to the hair follicles.

Persons with brittle hair should avoiding the use of alkaline shampoos or of the shampoos that are containing alcohol. Brittle hair should be protected from excessive heat, especially from exposure to sunlight.

Cutting the tips of the hair regularly, is the best way to get rid of split ends. In addition, to this process will be used a conditioner and hair treatment at least once a week to keep hair healthy and hydrated.

During swimming, the helmet will protect hair to the harmful effect of the chlorine in the pool and the hair will be washed before and after swimming, to minimize chlorine absorption by the hair.

Dry And Brittle Hair

Dry And Brittle Hair

Diet for a healthy hair:

Body health will affect hair health. Dry hair is often a result of poor diet and of a mild dehydration. Therefore, we need to consume enough water and we need to have a balanced diet, which contain protein, fat and carbohydrates. If necessary, it will consider taking vitamin and mineral supplements. For dry hair treatment are given vitamins A, C, E and calcium. Hair state depends heavily on your overall health.