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Some common child behavioural problems

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A child can show different types of behavioural problems. Among different types of such behavioural problems there are some problems which are very common. Let's find out more about such common child behavioural problems.

Disrespect and backtalk

When your three year old child talks back to you it may seem normal and even funny. But that may not be the case if your seven or eight years old child shouts back at you or shouts out a no every time you say something. If you do not handle it properly at the right time, this can become a normal habit and can not only get on your nerves, but can also result in arguments and destroy your family peace. Showing disrespect to you needs to be handled at the very initial stage because it will be very difficult to handle at a later stage.

Abusive language

Children may scream and yell when they are angry but if they start using abusive language or starts to swear, it can be a big behavioural problem. The age of the child doesn't matter in this case. If they are using abusive language, you should be worried and you need to do something about it. They may use abusive language and scream to engage you into an argument or two get their way. You need to do something about it but before that you need to ensure that you are not using abusive language yourself.

Aggressive and violent behaviour

Some children show aggressive and violent behaviour. It is okay for children to get angry but that doesn't mean that they can be a violent or become aggressive. Such children can be aggressive and violent towards children of the same age or even to adults. Mood disorders, conduct disorder, psychosis, trauma, impulsiveness or frustration can cause such aggressive and violent behaviour towards other people. In some cases some children may opt for violence for self-defence. Aggression and violent behaviour may be learned behaviour. Before you do something, you'll need to do a bit of research to find out if the child is learning to be violent at school or at home, what is the environment at home and try to find out what may be the possible causes. If you see your child reacting in a negative response by hitting, biting of kicking, you should be little worried about that and try to find a solution immediately.


It is common for children to lie and so you can expect your children to lie. Even though you may feel hurt and betrayed because your children lied to you, you should not take it personally. Rather, you need to try to find out by understanding what compelled your children to lie. Kids may lie when they are scared of the consequences of any event. So, it is important for you to understand why your child is doing it and then find solutions for this behavioural problem.

Lack of motivation and laziness

Some children exhibit lack of motivation and laziness. Generally, children are always enthusiastic and very active but some children may have some behavioural problems and may exhibit lack of motivation and laziness. If your child is not interested in doing anything at all, whether it is schoolwork, art or music practice or playing, and refuses to participate in anything and find excuses for not doing the things he/she supposed to do, then there may be some issues which should be immediately rectified.


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