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How to have a photographic memory

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If you want to have a photographic memory, there are ways which will help you to achieve that.

Train for an eidetic memory test

You need more practice because that will help you to become better with your memory. Practice to create an eidetic memory, which is the scientific name of photographic memory, and in your practice such eidetic memory tests will help. Such a test requires looking at two separate yet wildly similar images and then trying to visually superimpose them on each other. There are different practice test available. You can check theUniversity of Iowa test to get a feel of how it works. There are specialist certified tests available, which will help you to create your own eidetic memory.

Consume more omega-3

If you consume more omega-3 fatty acids, they will help you to create a photographic memory. Salmon, sardines have more omega-3 fatty acids and these are good for reducing inflammation in blood pressure. These oils can also help your brain and they can reverse the decline of memory. Salmon is considered as one of the best grain foods of all time.

Slow down and repeat, repeat and repeat

If you want to create your own photographic memory, you will have to slow down. If you want to be able to recollect information in future, you will have to slow down so that you can go through the material at a leisure pace. This will help you to read through all of them and remember them. If you are trying to memorise something, it is better to break up the knowledge over several days and then you need to repeat and repeat to remember the material. It especially useful when you are learning a new language. Trying to remember as many words as you can, you can simply pick 10 wards and then repeat them over and over again throughout the week and by the end of the week, you will be able to remember them correctly. The same applies to any other material that you want to remember. So, slow down and then repeat and repeat and repeat until you remember everything and can recall instantly.

Do not skip your morning coffee

If you're addicted to coffee, that can be a good news for you. Coffee is good for when you try to remember something and recall it immediately when you need. Research done by the Radiological Society of North America, 2 cups of coffee every day will improve your short-term memory function. That is why, you need your coffee every day. If you are not getting enough coffee right now, you can start filling up your cup and having them so that you can remember more things at the crucial time. There are many other health benefits of coffee besides improving your memory functions.


Running is good for you when you are trying to create a photographic memory for yourself. Training will help your health in different ways and will also help you to lose weight and extra fat. But besides that running is also good for your memory. According to a study published in Current Biology, if you learn something new and then exercise within four hours, your hippocampus will experience more activity. Hippocampus is the part of your brain that is responsible for remembering things. So, if you want to remember something learn it and then run a few miles and then find out how it helps you to remember things.


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