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Life Style Impact On Women With Breast Cancer

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Life Style Impact On Women With Breast Cancer

Regular physical exercises and a healthy diet extend the life expectancy in the case of breast cancer patients to be more precise in those cases that were early diagnosed. The women who participated in the study ate at least five portions of vegetables and fruits daily , performed moderated physical activity and therefore reduced the death risk to half, according to the study authors. The effects were seen in normal weight persons and  also in obese ones.

Moderate physical activity is considered to be the equivalent of a 30 minutes walk a day , six days per week. John Pierce from the University of California San Diego, one of the scientists performing this study said that in the case of overweight women the diet based on vegetables and fruits  combined with physical exercises has dropped the death risk to half.

Older researches have shown that physical exercise without any diet association does not have good results on patients diagnosed with breast cancer.

The diet and physical exercise impact on each person was studied and the key to all good results is the actual combining of those two aspects.



The research included 1490 women with early stage breast cancer , women who weren’t actually told what to eat of how much physical exercise they should do every day, but in the end they were asked detailed questions about their life style in the past 6 to 7 years.

The women who had the healthiest diet based on vegetables and performed regular physical activity , had in the end, the longest life expectancy.