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What is meta medicine?

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Meta-medicine is also called as Mehta health. The beginning of meta-medicine happen about 30 years back when doctors started to understand that patients had significant emotional events (SEE) before the onset of the symptoms of bad health. There was a correlation of these events to the various parts of the body. Such co-relation has become interesting case studies and successful diagnostics which are used all over the world.

According to meta-medicine, there is not only a mind-body connection but actually a very precise organ-mind-brain-social connection. Different areas of our brain correspond to different and specific organs and the specific conflict or trauma and an environmental-social experience.

One example will help you to understand it better. The skin or the epidermis or the upper skin is affected by a loss of contact conflict, the breast is affected by a separation conflict, and the lungs is affected by a fear of death conflict.

Meta-medicine also tells you that the organ mind connection is more hardwired and biologically organised than we thought before. Because of the strong connection, it is possible to find a solution to any of the conflict by addressing the right organ.

Why is it essential?

If a person is suffering from a fear of death, the lungs will respond to it. The alveoli inside the lungs are responsible for oxygen intake. In case of fear of death, these cells will start to multiply to increase the oxygen intake. This is called the disease. On the other hand in case of meta-medicine, it is called as the conflict stage.

The person who is experiencing this stage may not feel anything happening inside. There may not be any bodily symptoms which will tell you that you have a problem or a particular organ in your body is suffering from something. You may be very busy with your normal life without noticing anything amiss. But the doctor may diagnose the problem after examination. That may also be diagnosed as lung cancer because of the unrestrained multiplication of cells inside the lungs.

If the fear of death suddenly disappears, the microbes present inside the lungs would fatefully start to dismantle the now unneeded extra cells inside the lungs and they may be coughed out. If that happens, it can be diagnosed as tuberculosis. It will be the reason oration or healing phase.

The most prolific cases of TB is mostly seen at a particular time. When is that? Most prolific cases of TB is generally seen after wars when the imminent fear of death decreases.

Another example

Another example will help you to understand meta-medicine. This example is about breast cancer.

When a woman sees her child ran into the road and if she receives a shock from this unexpected incident, she may develop breast cancer or tumour. The body of the woman is trying to compensate for what may have happened to the child. The milk ducts will enlarge to get more food and therefore more healing to the child. This is something which will be diagnosed as a problem by the doctors and surgery may be recommended as treatment.

Different phases

In scholastic medicine, researchers have found that there are 500 cold diseases and 500 hot diseases. Meta-medicine says that they are all part of the same disease process. A single disease may have a hot phase and a cold phase. In fact, all diseases have a hot phase and a cold phase. If you take the previous example, the lung cancer would be the cold conflict phase and the TB would be the hot reason oration phase.


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