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8 Reasons Why You Suffer from Migraine

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Migraine headaches affect around 20 percent of the population. However, have you ever wondered how we get them?

You Eat Foods That Trigger Migraine

According to experts, foods such aged cheese and processed meats contain additives that may trigger migraine. However, the foods that cause headaches vary on their effects on the individual; foods like peas, olives, and soy sauce have allegedly caused migraines in a few people. You can keep a log of the foods that you have eaten before a migraine attack.

You Drink Sugary Drinks or Coffee

Sugary, caffeine and alcohol beverages are additionally on the off-limits list for people with migraines. These beverages can result in lack of hydration and furthermore contain additives that increase blood flow to the brain, both usual reasons for migraine headaches.

Your Sleep Cycle Has Changed

Numerous migraine headache sufferers say that missing sleep or getting excessive sleep can trigger a migraine attack. If the migraine headaches are transitory, there’s likely no compelling reason to change your sleep routine, yet if they persist, it may be a great opportunity to change your sleep schedule.

You're at risk of a stroke

If migraine headaches are not a regular thing for you, they could be an indication that you are having a stroke. Headache migraines can take on the appearance of a stroke since they have the same neurological side effects. Therefore, doctors sometimes treat it like a stroke and bring about medical treatment. Vision issues and weakness in your arms and legs are likewise headache manifestations that could flag a stroke.

You’re Feeling Stressed

Indeed, it’s true that stress at home or work could be causing that exceptional, throbbing headache in your skull. However, studies have demonstrated that meditation could be an answer for constant headaches. A study from the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Centre have found that adults with headaches who joined a meditation and yoga program for two months had shorter and less intense headache migraines than the individuals who got standard therapeutic care. The individuals from the first group additionally had less successive and less extreme headache attacks and had negligible headaches.

You’re More Sensitive to Stimulation

Gleaming lights and strong scents could be setting off your migraine headache. A study in Nature Neuroscience found that when the layers around the central nervous system get irritated, pain receptors are activated in the brain. For affectability to light, wearing shades”even during the evening”can limit the irritation.

You May Have Heart Problems

Studies have discovered that the individuals who experience the ill effects of migraine headaches could be more inclined to vascular issues like heart attacks and heart disease. Specialists push the significance of keeping up a healthy way of life that brings down hypertension and cholesterol and stopping smoking.

You’re Dehydrated

Migraine headaches can strike when your body loses more water. Ensure that you are drinking the prescribed 2.5 to 3.5 litres of water for each day to diminish your risk of a migraine attack.