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Things you should know about colour healing

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Colour healing or colour therapy is based on the effects of colour on your mind. Colour plays an important role in setting up a particular mood or state of mind. It affects your feelings, moods and emotions.

Different colours have different wavelengths of electromagnetic energy which is seen by our eyes. We see only a few colours which are part of the visible spectrum.

Effects of colour

  • Colour has effect on your mind and so and that is why you feel something when you look at inspired or meditative paintings.
  • Colours influence our moods and emotions.
  • You avoid all use some colours because it's a way of self-expression. The colours you choose also shared light on your personality.
  • Colour also can directly affect our un-easiness and well-being.
  • Colours also affect our way of perception. That is why light colours make a space look big. Dark colours can make a high ceiling look less high.
  • Colours can influence the flow and amount of energy in our bodies.
  • Our subconscious mind can immediately recognise the symbolic meaning of colours. Not all colours mean the same to all people and all cultures.
  • Colours can also help us to understand about biological traction and sexual availability.

Cause and effect

True healing is possible only when the cause of the condition or illness is addressed and transformed. It will not work if healing only focuses on masking are getting relief for the short time. If we focus on getting relief and masking the symptoms, eventually the problem will resurface again and manifest itself within the body in one or different form. If a healing technique deals with the physical body and the energy filled of the individual, it will tend to accomplish one thing-it will jumpstart the individual. The extra energy that the individual gets from such a healing method will help the internal healing mechanism of the person to become mobilised into greater activity. Colour can help you to jumpstart the tired or diseased body. Colour healing, which is also known as chromotherapy can be achieved in different ways. In earlier times, great halls of colour healing well-built where individuals can go and bath in light that filtered different coloured glass panels or windows.

Colour healing is used by different healers. For example energy or spiritual healers often supplement their healing with colour healing.

Colour chart

The colour chart can help you to understand if you things about the colour and how to use it in healing. A preference for certain colours can help us to know about two things-

Self-expression-you choose the colours which match your personality. For example, if you love harmony and nature, you will go for green colour.

Completion-you choose those colours that you need more. For example, if you are an active, passionate person, you are going to use blue colours because that will help you to cool down your nature.

In the same way, a version against some colours can also give us information. According to some experts, some of the best healing colours include red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink and purple.

It is very important to understand that in colour therapy complete healing is possible when some type of internal transformation happens. If you can heal the mind, the body will follow suit. Colour breathing and meditation will help you to gain benefits of colour healing therapy.


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