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Solutions for psychological impotence problem

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What is psychological impotence?

If you suffer from impotence because of psychological reasons, it is often termed as psychological impotence. If you have any of the following conditions, then probably you are suffering from psychological impotence problem-

  • you get an erection but before intercourse you lose it
  • even though your partner is very hot, you lose your erection
  • you have gone totally soft but you don't know why that is happening

If you have any or all of the above situations, probably you are suffering from psychological impotence.

It is also known as Sexual Performance Anxiety Disorder. This is something which is different from physical impotence. In physical impotence, you do not get an erection or cannot maintain it. But on the other hand, in case of psychological impotence you can get an erection but you lose it under stress.

If you are suffering from psychological impotence, you'll be able to get in erection when you are alone or before sex but whenever you are trying to have intercourse, at the right moment you lose it.

This is a common problem and it happens to many guys at some point of their lives. However, it can make you feel embarrassed, inadequate and depressed.

Causes of psychological impotence

Psychological impotence is mostly caused by anxiety or stress. You are anxious or stressed about your performance, whether you will be able to live up to the expectation or not, insecure about how good you are in bed and such other things. In such a condition, it will take a toll on your erection.

Your thoughts are mostly responsible for psychological impotence. If you are thinking about what if she things you are too small, what if you cannot last long enough, what if she doesn't have an orgasm, what if you cannot perform, what if you lose your erection etc. then you are more likely to suffer from psychological impotence. If you take a close look all these thoughts are negative thoughts and they force you to become worried about your performance and as a result of that you really cannot perform.

If you are suffering from psychological impotence, you don't have to worry about that because there are solutions which will help you to and that problem. One such effective and popular method is guided imagery.

Guided imagery

It is a therapeutic technique where you listen to instructions and then follow them. Such instructions are specific and in simple language which will help you to imagine a scenario that will help you to overcome psychological importance problem. The instructions come along with alpha and theta brainwave stimulating background music. They help your mind to reach a deeply relaxed state. When you reach this state, it is possible to make some physical and behavioural changes. These changes are important because they will help you to get out of the psychological impotence problem.

This technique uses combination of powerful words, guided imagery and brainwave music. You'll be able to achieve real results with this technique.

Your mind is very powerful and it can influence your body. This technique uses this underlying fact to help your body to overcome the problem. Guided imagery will direct your thoughts to a particular direction with suggestions after taking you to a relaxed state. Since your body and mind are connected, guided imagery will stimulate all your senses. With its help, within a short time your body will be able to overcome psychological impotence problem.


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