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How to get rid of your phobia

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Phobias may come in different varieties. Some people have the fear of flying, some others fear dogs, and some other may fear other animals or situations or objects. There are so many different types of phobias making so many different people's lives difficult for them. Let's find out how you can get rid of your phobia.

Different ways

Like there are different phobias available for different people, the ways to get rid of phobias are also different. Most of the time you need to confront your phobias to get rid of them. You may need to get exposure to your phobias gradually so that you can learn how to deal with them. Different ways will help you to deal with different types of phobias.

Exposure therapy

Exposure therapy can help you to get rid of phobias. If you're not able to practice the small steps, you can ask for help from a professional. In exposure therapy, you will perform small steps leading to the activities that make you fearful but you will have support from a trained psychiatrist or psychologist. There may be some homework associated with such processes and you may need to go back and complete those homework. You'll also learn about coping strategies and other elements in exposure therapy which will help you to gradually control the phobias and situations causing those phobias.

Cognitive behavioral therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy is another technique of getting rid of your phobias. It is a comprehensive and a more in-depth therapy or sub it focuses on changing your perception and thinking about the phobia you are suffering from. A therapist will help you to go through the process and finding ways to cope with your phobia. There will be coping strategies and you will expose yourself to the phobia gradually with the help of the therapist. Cognitive behavioral therapy will mostly focus on controlling your thoughts and emotions because your thoughts and emotions about the phobia makes it so frightening for you.

Visiting a doctor

Visiting a doctor is another approach that you can take to clear your phobias. It will help you to cause the doctor will be able to cause the situation properly and prescribe the necessary steps need to be taken. A doctor is necessary for the right diagnoses and treatment. Sometimes, people mistake phobias for other anxiety disorders or some underlying psychological problems. That is why, before using anything, it is important to find out what you are suffering from a trained medical professional can help you to find out whether you are really suffering from a phobia.


In some cases when you are not able to control your phobias, medicines may be necessary. Doctors may prescribe medicines for phobia symptoms. Beta-blockers are generally prescribed in such cases. They are generally used for reducing performance anxiety or stage fright and such are the symptoms. You may be prescribed with sedatives like Valium which will help you to reduce anxiety. Some other doctors may also prescribe mood enhancing antidepressants. The main focus of medicines to help you function well and to handle day-to-day responsibilities. However, becoming completely dependent on your medicine is not the objective here because medicines will help you to handle your day-to-day responsibilities while you continue to work towards overcoming your phobias.


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