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Benefits of jiu-jitsu

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There are several benefits that jiu-jitsu will offer you. It is a system of simple self defense techniques and it is something that anyone can learn. Whether you are big or small, it does not matter and you can learn this self defense system. This is an art form that you can pursue throughout your lifetime. It will help you by maintaining your cardiovascular fitness. There are so many strategies, techniques and counter techniques such as arm locks, escapes and choke holds available which will help you to save yourself from any attacker. It is also beneficial for you because it will help you by developing different ways of thinking. You will learn relaxation, self-control, balanced and patience which will not only help you during the tournament or against an attacker, but it will also help you in your life.

For law enforcement

Jiu-jitsu is very effective in law enforcement and so it is taught to different police personnel in different countries. It has an element of control which is really what an officer of law enforcement needs for subduing an arresting a suspect. Jiu-jitsu does not only focus on attack like other martial arts forms, it rather focuses on control and so it is a better alternative for law enforcement. Control is very important for police and other law enforcement departments industrial. Jiu-jitsu allows a policeman to be comfortable and in control of the situation. It is also known as combat wrestling and it has become a system for training in most of the police academies in different countries.

As a complement to other martial arts

Jiu-jitsu can be a complement to other martial arts systems. In case of self-defense situation, you should be well prepared for anything and when you learn different types of martial arts your body and your mind will be ready for such a situation. Jiu-jitsu will help you to become a better fighter and martial artist because you’ll be able to use it in a realistic context. It is also possible for you to take part in UFC (ultimate fighting championship) where your martial arts skills should be as realistic as possible.

Different aspects of jiu-jitsu

Jiu-jitsu has three different methods of training, which include self defense training, street defense training and sport tournament training.

In self defense training, you will learn to handle stand-up aggression and defend yourself. Such defense may be against a physical attack or from a weapon like knife, gun or club. It will help you to learn the most realistic attack defense, which will enable you to handle any such real situations. Starting from students, anyone can learn such as self-defense system and use it when the moment arises. You’ll be able to learn simple escapes and attacks which will help you to make your assailant submit to you.


Street defense training of jiu-jitsu will teach you real fighting on the streets. You’ll learn how to defend yourself in a street fight. In Such street fights anything goes, which means there is no rules and so you have to be very good at your martial art to defend yourself. You’ll learn how to take a person with superior striking abilities down to the ground, control and finished a five by submission of the assailant.

Sport tournament training on the other hand will train you for the tournaments. In this method, you will learn a new sport which will not only keep you healthy but will also help you to learn a new art.


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