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The benefits you can get from a HCG diet

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There are several benefits that a HCG diet can offer you. Let’s find out what type of benefits you can expect from a HCG diet.

HCG for men

Testosterone boost

When men use a HCG diet, it will boost their testosterone levels. People who have low testosterone will find that there testosterone levels are growing rapidly. In a normal adult male that testosterone levels should be between 300-1000 ng/dl. If you have lower levels than the lower range, then it means you have low levels of testosterone and you need to do something about it. If you have a low level of testosterone, it can cause some held problems for you like ill-health and degenerative function. Some of the common problems that you may see include muscle mass, bone density and hair growth problems.

Penile growth and testicular development

HCG can help you in penile growth and testicular development. Studies done on the effect of HCG on  penile growth and testicular development found that when it is administered for 24 weeks, mean testosterone levels, penile length and testicular volume all increased during the research period. The researchers saw significant visible increase in all the three parameters.

HCG for women


HCG is a growth hormone which is found in pregnant women. It is very effective as an anti-ageing supplement for women. It can help you to maintain a healthy collagen level in the skin which will help you to look younger and have younger skin along with lowered signs of ageing. It will increase your metabolism and will also alert brain activities and as a result of that you will have a better health. Studies have also found that HCG is very effective in curbing premenopausal symptoms.

It is effective because it fights fat accumulation in your body and as a result of that you will get a leaner body even when you age. We need to regularly administer this hormone for a leaner body and to have a bright, younger looking skin. If you want a youthful glow, the HCG diet can offer you that.

Treatment of fertility problems

HCG is also very effective in treatment of women fertility problems. It is used for treatment of women to support the normal development of eggs in the ovaries and to cause ovulation. It is used because it can stimulate the release of the eggs during ovulation. That means HCG diet can offer dual benefits to women. It can help women to get pregnant who are having difficulty in it. When women take HCG regularly, they can benefit in the form of improvement in egg development and becoming impregnated after some time.

HCG is also used by men. They use it to increase the sperm count. If the man and woman are using HCG, it increases the possibility of impregnation because on one hand it will increase the sperm count and on the other hand it will help in egg production and development during ovulation. When they both use HCG, the waiting period for getting pregnant will decrease drastically. Many couple use HCG during the months when they want pregnancy.

A HCG diet can offer you the required amount of HCG which will help both the man and the woman with its different types of benefits.


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