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The benefits of pull up for you

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Pullups can offer you several benefits and so it is one of the popular exercises among fitness enthusiasts. This is one exercise that everybody can try and within a short time it can drastically increase your strength and help you to build more muscle without any type of equipment. It is also a very easy workout to learn since the movements are very simple and within a few days you can learn it so that you can perform the exercise in its proper form. There are so many benefits that it can offer you but let’s find out about the most important ones.

Compound upper body exercise

It is a compound upper body exercise which will work on your upper body and make it look better. Compound exercises are very important for you because they target multiple muscle groups at a time. It means you do not have to work on each muscle group separately when you perform such compound exercises. Some people believe that pull-ups are very important for your upper body and it is similar to what squats are for your lower body. Without pull ups, shaping your upper body and creating the muscles you want will not be easy. Pull ups will help your upper body to grow. It targets your back and biceps. If you want a V shape tapered physique, then pull up is asked in your exercise list.

Intensity control

With pull-ups, you can easily control the intensity of the workout. That is why it is also very helpful in building muscle. In most of the other exercises, if you want to increase the intensity, you need to do several things or make some changes in the weight or machine setups. However, if you want to increase or decrease the intensity while doing pull ups, you can easily do that immediately. If you want to increase the intensity you can strap a weight plate to your waist, or hang a dumbbell or a kettle bell from your feet.


It is one of the most convenient exercises that you can perform. You can perform them anywhere. All you need is a bar that can take your weight. You do not need any other equipment and you can perform it at any time you want. You can simply choose a random metal pole and hang it somewhere that can take your weight and there is no possibility of any accident. It can also buy a pull up bar if you would like to have a stylish bar to motivate you to do more pull-ups.

Better grip strength

Once you start doing pull ups, your grip strength will increase. You need a good grip strength to become a good bodybuilder or even to build more muscle. Pullups are the perfect exercise which can help you to strengthen your grip. It works on your grip because you hang on a bar with your grips while doing the pull-ups. The more you perform pull ups, the more grip strength you will have.

Lots of variations

There are so many variations available with pull-ups. You can choose one variation over another depending on your personal preference. Changing the variations do not need any additional equipment. Simply by changing your great, you can make changes in your pool of exercises. For example, there is old fashioned wide, overhand pull up if you want to grow your lats wide and nice; there is close grip pullups and reverse grip pull ups. The reverse grip pull up will work more on your biceps, while the other variations will mostly target your back.


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