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Different ways your fascia can be damaged

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What is fascia

Fascia is a thin layer of connective tissue. It is there in every muscle in your body. It is a thin, clear film which is seen on top of the muscle. It is the tissue that connects the skin to the muscle. Each individual muscle fiber is encapsulated in a layer of fascia.

If somehow a fascia covering muscle is damaged, it may result in difficulty for you to move that part of your body. This is a common problem which may happen because of many reasons and many it happens, you will not be able to move it and as a result of that after some time you will become out of shape. You will start gaining weight and become obese within some time. Let’s find out how this important fascia is damaged.

Past injuries and bruising

It is a common problem for people who are into competitive sports. This is also seen in case of anyone who plays any type of sport. If you are injured, you will have damaged fascia in your body and that can affect you even today. Due to past injuries, nerve signals to specific areas of your body may be shutdown and it can result in Meta inflammation. There will be harmful materials inside your system which will attack your body from the inside. It will waste a lot of energy.


Surgery can also cause damage to fascia. If you got hurt while playing sports, and then you need to undergo surgery, it may be like an injury on top of an injury. During the surgery your skin, muscles and cells are cut open, ripped apart and then stitched up. As a result of that surgery, the fascia surrounding the muscles in that area may become more restrictive than ever. Then it may become very difficult for you to move well. It may also become almost impossible to move. Then you try to recover from your surgery and that may again damage the already damaged fascia. It is like a constant pain and inflammation and it can continue for a long time.


Sitting is the new smoking and it is very dangerous like smoking. If you see throughout the day, you will have several problems. It may cause tight hip flexors and weak  glute muscles. These muscles are important for you because they control your pelvis and health of your lower spine. Too much sitting will cause dysfunction of these muscles and as a result of that you will suffer from lower back pain and decrease performance. It will also change your posture by making your lower back arch and your belly to stick forward.

Repetitive movements

Repetitive movements may also cause damage to fascia. If you are performing some low-level repetitive movements, it can result in restrictive fascia. If you swing a hammer or use a wrench throughout the day, or pick up some heavy stuff using your back, it may result in damaged fascia. Some other people may be using their key boards throughout the day and dialing their phones all day along. Even though they may seem harmless , these are some of the repetitive behaviors and they can cause damage to fascia. As a result of that, you will feel older, stiffer and will have to struggle to find the energy to perform the daily activities. The damage will also slowly add meta inflammation molecules into your system.

Fascia is a very important connective tissue for you and see should be careful about the possible damages these reasons may cause to it.


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