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Nutrition for surf training

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Nutrition is a vital element of surf raining because you need fitness and healthy body for surf training. You stay long in the water and to stay injury free, and to maintain your energy levels, you will need to focus on the nutrition part. A balanced diet is very important for surfers and you will have two find the right balance diet for you. If you want to get enough fuel for the next four hours surf session, you will have to understand and take a close look at your diet.

Eat real whole foods

Eating real whole foods will help you to get more energy, stay active, and stay fit for the staff sport of surfing. And surf training is no different. You will need fruits, vegetables, quality proteins and fats in your diet. You will need to eliminate all processed foods and excessive sugar from the existing diet.

Stay hydrated

Is very important for you to stay hydrated during your surfing training. You need a rehydrating drink to ensure that you are not dehydrated in anyway. However, do not include soda, sports drinks and artificially flavoured liquids in this drink list. They are not good for your body and they will not help you to stay healthy. You can simply squeeze a lemon lime or orange into clean water and then add a pinch of salt and that will help you more to rehydrate yourself in comparison to the drinks available in the market. Drink clean water and that’ll be good for you because it does not add any extra calories and on the other hand will keep you properly hydrated.

Eat breakfast

Before you go for surf raining or for surfing, you should eat your something. If you do not feel comfortable with a full stomach, you can still have something before going for surfing. Eating a piece of fruit or some nuts or a small meal is very important. The food will provide you with the necessary fuel to continue your training and surfing. On flat surfing days, he can eat a very good quality breakfast that contains protein, fruit, vegetables and healthy fats.

Learn cooking

Learning cooking will help you in different ways. First of all, you will eat what you want to eat. It’ll be easier for you to add the elements which are very important for you.

Eat well-balanced meals

You will need to eat well-balanced meals throughout the day. A well-balanced meal will include proteins, carbohydrates and good fats in the required proportion. Good fats are available in vegetable oils and other such good sources.

At quality fats

First of all, reduce your consumption of processed vegetable oils. Instead, you can eat quality fats. Some good sources of quality fats include organic olive oils, coconut oils, avocados, grass fed butter and ghee. For a better working nervous system, you will need quality saturated fat. Such a fat will also help you and your immune system function, hormone pathways and overall health.

Buy local and organic

Whenever you are buying something for your meals, try to buy local, fresh and organic. Organic vegetables, meats and other products are very important for your better health. When you buy them locally, you are getting them fresh and possibly organic. It will also help you to avoid any processed foods and preservatives in such foods which are not at all good for your healthy body. Eating healthier, pesticide free vegetables will definitely help you by providing you with the necessary nutrients, vitamins and other important elements.