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Diabetes friendly diet

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If you have diabetes, you will need to manage it. So, you need a diabetes friendly diet for yourself so that your diabetes does not go beyond control. To have a normal life again after having diabetes, you will need to maintain your diabetes condition and in that your diet will play a very crucial role.

Let’s find out foods that can be included in your diabetes healthy diet.

Raw, cooked or roasted vegetables

Vegetables are good for you. They will add colour, flavour and texture to your meals. You need low carb vegetables such as mushrooms, eggplant, onions, tomatoes, brussels sprouts, zucchini etc.

You can eat them in different forms. Use them with dips like low-fat dressings, guacamole, salsa and humus. You can have your vegetables roasted with different seasonings like Cayenne pepper, rosemary or garlic.

Low-calorie drinks

Low-calorie drinks are very important and crucial for anyone suffering from diabetes. Plain water is always good for you because it does not contain any calories. If you can infuse water with fruits and vegetables it is more interesting for you. You can cut a lemon or a cucumber and put it in your water. That will not only give you a flavor and make you drink more water, but it will also provide you with some vitamins and minerals present in the fruit or vegetable.

You can also drink cold tea with lemon or a cinnamon stick in it.


Protein is a very important element for anyone and it does not mean that just because you have diabetes, you will need to cut down on protein. Some good protein sources are Greek yoghurt, eggs, lean meats and cottage cheese. You can use protein as a snack or can add it in the main meals. You can also add a little bit of fact to make your proteins more interesting. However, while eating protein from different sources, be sure to keep an eye on the sodium levels in them.


You will need lots of greens in your diet. Try spinach, kale, chard and other such greens. They are good for you because they healthy, low carb and delicious. You can even roast them if you do not like them raw. You can create chips from roasted leaves. It is possible to add roasted vegetables and greens. It looks and tastes delicious because the greens will add texture and different flavour. It can also serve the green with a little protein such as salmon.


Even though you are suffering from diabetes, you will still need a little good fat in your food. There are many good fat choices available which include olive oil, fatty fishes and avocado. You can use fat as a dressing for your salad.

Whole-grain, high-fibre foods

You will need to include whole-grain high-fibre foods in your diet if you want to avoid any rise in your blood sugar. When you include whole-grain, high-fiber foods in your diet, it is less likely that you will overeat or choose the wrong foods for yourself. Legumes are good for you. You can add dried beans, lentils and peas to your diet. Black Bean, corn etc. will also help you to make your vegetables interesting.

Just because you have diabetes, it does not mean your diet should be boring. It is possible to make your diet interesting by adding or combining different products. All you need to do is learn how to do that and your diet for diabetes can be very interesting like any other diet.


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