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Is It Time? The Signs that You Might Require Drug Rehab

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Many people in the Pasadena area experiment with drugs. In fact, some might even view this experimentation as a rite of passage. As much as many people believe that they have their drug or alcohol use under control, this is certainly not the case. Have you been wondering if its time to consider some type of Pasadena drug rehab? If so, here are some of the most common signs:

You Have Driven While High or Drunk

A common sign that a person might benefit from drug rehab is if they have ever driven a vehicle while drunk or high. Driving a vehicle while impaired is not only dangerous to the driver, it is also dangerous to any passenger in the car. Of course, any other drivers or pedestrians on the road are also at great danger.

You Have Lied About Your Drug or Alcohol Use

Have you ever lied or been tempted to lie about your drug or alcohol use? This, too, is a sign that things might start spinning out of control. You might lie because you don’t believe it’s anyone’s business but your own, but people who lie often have something to hide.

You Have Health Conditions That are Caused or Aggravated by Drug or Alcohol Use

Drugs and alcohol abuse damage the body over time. A damaged body is one that has difficulties resisting disease. It is common for people who use drugs or alcohol to have related conditions. These include heart problems, liver issues, psychosis, or other brain disorders. If you feel like you have any of these conditions, it’s probably time to consider rehab.

Your Drug or Alcohol Use is Affecting Your Relationships

Going out for drinks with friends is a common and fun event that many people engage in. However, if your outings are causing more trouble than fun due to your behavior, it might be a sign that it’s time to stop. Many people allow drugs and alcohol to control their relationships, but this is quite troubling. If you notice that your friends or family are avoiding going out with you, or they suggest that you are drinking or using too much, it could be a sign of a problem.

You Have Tried to Quit, But Were Not Able To

You might also find that you have tried to quit, or have all of the best intentions to quit, but you couldn’t do it. Alternatively, you might have quit using your drug of choice for a short period of time but quickly began using again. If you have already tried to quit and you find yourself using drugs or alcohol again, it’s likely that you have a problem with drugs or alcohol.

You Have Experienced Legal Issues Due to Alcohol or Drug Use

Have you gotten into legal trouble because of your drug or alcohol use? If so, it’s a big sign that it might be time to consider rehab. Whether you have a DUI, a charge of violence, or even possession of a substance, this could have a negative impact on your future.

You Have Lost a Job or Missed School Due to Drugs or Alcohol

Many people find that their drug an/or alcohol use has negatively affected their work or their education. In fact, some might even lose their jobs or be suspended or expelled from school due to their addictions. If this sounds familiar, you could have a substance abuse issue that requires professional assistance.

These are all signs that you might have a problem with drugs or alcohol. If you have found yourself in these situations, or perhaps you have a friend or family member who struggles with substance abuse, rehab is likely the right choice.