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How to remove your make-up

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The following tips will help you to effectively remove your make-up. Let’s find out the best ways that you can remove your make-up after it has done its work.

Break down your make-up with cleanser

You will need a cleanser to take off foundation and blush. You will have to massage the cleanser over your face and keep it there for 15 seconds. It is also important to use the claims on your hairline, under your chin and around the ears. Once that is done, you can wipe your face with a wet white cotton washcloth. If you are using a long wearing foundation or a face brush, you will need to use the remover first on your face. Gentle scrubbing will help you to remove the foundation or blush.

Make-up remover for long wearing lipstick

If you are using a long wearing lipstick, you will need to use an oil based make-up remover to remove that. You can use a cotton pad and soak it in liquid or cream make-up remover to remove lipsticks. If it is a long wearing lipstick, you will need to use an oily formula.

Steam heat is useful

Steam heat can help you to remove your make-up easily and without harming your own skin. You can steam your skin before washing. To do that, you can take a ball with hot water and then place your face a little distance over it for some time. The steam will help you by loosening up your pores and that will make it easier for you to clear your skin with a cleanser. It will also remove any debris present in the pores.

Be gentle with your skin

Whenever you are trying to remove your make-up, you should be very gentle with your skin. Ensure that the process is not leaving your skin irritated or dehydrated. It cleansing oil can also help you to cleanse your skin and will also keep it from getting dehydrated. You can take the oil and massage your face one area after another. The oil will soften your skin and loosen the make-up, which will make it easier for you to remove the make-up. You need to take a flat square cotton pad with little oil on it and then gently skim the surface in one direction.

Do not use baby wipes

You should not use baby wipes to remove your make-up. These wipes do not have special ingredients necessary for proper removal of make-up and so using them will not help you to remove your make-up completely.

Extra attention to the eyes

When you are removing your make-up, you will need to pay extra attention to your eyes. Mascara and liners are very difficult to remove and you cannot scrub your eyes. The skin around your eyes is also very sensitive and so you will be very careful while removing make-up from your eyes. You can use a cotton pad and use a remover only for the eyes. The remover can be either an oil based remover for the waterproof products or it can be a dual phase remover for everything else. You can also use pre-soaked pads for cleaning your eyes. You will need to close your eyes and hold the pads over your lids and lashes so that the remover can get some time to dissolve the product. After that, you can wipe your eyes clean. There are special removers meant for special mascara. Never rub too hard because that can be damaging to your eyes, lids and lashes.


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