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5 Surprising Ways Standing Wheelchairs Can Enhance Your Life

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The ingenuity and design of standing wheelchairs is revamping the way people with disabilities view their outlook on life. Engineered to make the world more accessible, standing wheelchairs are helping people go back to work, socialize more with friends, pick up hobbies they never thought were possible, and realize a confidence that had long since been lost.


Check out 5 more surprising ways standing wheelchairs can enhance your life:


Boosts Brain Health: Did you know that practicing fine motor skills, exercising, and even having regular conversations with others boosts your brain health? Brain stimulation which helps create new neural pathways strengthens and revitalizes cognitive function, helping combat dementia and Alzheimer's later in life too. As standing wheelchairs ease the effort of completing tasks and getting out to spend time with others, they also help prevent respiratory and urinary tract infections, which can cause temporary cognitive impairment like confusion and disorientation.


Reduces Stress: The frustration, anxiety, and even depression which can accompany mobility problems and being wheelchair-limited can be alleviated in part by standing wheelchairs that make day to day living easier. Chronic stress can cause an overproduction of the hormone, cortisol, in the body which results in weight gain, suppression of the immune system, trouble sleeping, back pain, headaches, and high blood pressure. Relieving stress by boosting self-reliance, confidence, and independence with a standing wheelchair can have fight all those things and improve overall health.


Prevents Infection: Risk of infection can be high for a sedentary person who is limited to a wheelchair, bed, or recliner for large parts of the day. Pressure ulcers, respiratory infections, urinary tract infections – the bacteria which causes these thrives in warm, moist places where it can sit and grow, leading to worsened health and even hospitalization. Standing wheelchairs promote an upright position of motion, helping people take larger deeper breaths to clear their lungs and getting them off of fixed sitting positions that puts added pressure on weakened tissue.


Fights Fatigue: This benefit almost seems antithetical – shouldn't lying or sitting down prevent you from chronically feeling tired? Wrong. A lack of movement reduces overall blood circulation which powers cognitive orientation, it leads to atrophy of muscles from non-use, and can also reduce bone density and breathing capacity which help people feel strong and alert. Standing wheelchairs are believed to boost bone density as people are required to stand on their legs for longer amounts of time, it increases muscle use and helps make them stronger, and the boost in blood circulation also loosens stiff joints and relieves painful inflammation that can lead to tiredness.


Relieves Pain: The discomfort, aches, soreness, and pain that goes hand in hand with not just the disease or injury which results in disability, but the sitting position of a wheelchair, can enhance feelings of stress and depression. When a person finds themselves upright using their standing wheelchair, they move around and use their arms and hands more resulting in substantial pain relief. Stress that caused muscle tenseness in the shoulders and neck can melt away, inflamed lower back muscles are soothed and relaxed with a boost in blood flow, painful pressure on sensitive tissue and skin is alleviated, and even joint contracture and stiffness from limited movement is improved.


Want to enhance your standing wheelchair's benefits even more? Find unique wheelchair accessories like attachable bags, bottle holders, or utility lighting that make executing day to day tasks, working, and have fun even easier. For many struggling with impaired mobility, standing wheelchairs pave a bright road ahead for not only a happier you, but a healthier you too.