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Natural breast enhancement tips

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When you want to enhance your breasts with some natural methods, you are thinking in the right direction. Let's find out how you can go for natural breast enhancement.

Natural breast enhancement is possible with the following three methods-

Balancing the reproductive hormones by eating healthy, performing breast exercises to increase breast size and breast massages to naturally increase your breast size.

Balancing the reproductive hormones

If you can balance your reproductive hormones, you will be able to increase your breast size. Because of estrogen females see breast size increase at puberty. It does not happen in men because of the presence of high levels of testosterone hormone. If there is excessive secretion of testosterone and less production of  estrogen, then in females proper breast development may not happen.

You can control and manage production of testosterone by consuming food that are rich in phytoestrogen. It will help you to enhance your breasts size. They are also good for your overall health and can save you from different medical problems. Some of the foods that are rich in phytoestrogens are nuts and oilseeds (fennel seeds, fenugreek seeds, pistachios, chestnuts, walnuts, flaxseed, cashew nuts, sesame seed etc.), soya products (soy beans, soy protein powder, soy milk, tofu, soy bean oil, soy nuts etc.), whole-grain cereals and bread (wheat, quinoa, barley, wheat germ, rye, corn, millet, brown rice, popcorn, whole-grain breads etc.), legumes (beans, green beans, soy beans, mung beans etc.), meat products, vegetables (fenugreek leaves, clover, winter squash, cucumbers, beets, carrots, garlic, liquorice root, alfalfa, ginseng etc.), fruits (apple, carrots, watermelon, peaches, pomegranate, raspberry, plums, strawberry etc.). You will also need to include beverages in your diet which will help you to enhance the breast size. Such beverages include red wine, green tea, white wine, black tea, coffee, bourbon whiskey etc.

Exercises that will help to enhance breast size

If you want to enhance your breast size, you will need to include some exercises in your life. These exercises are specifically meant for your chest and that's why they are called breast exercises. You need to focus more on pectoralis major muscle, because it lies directly beneath the breast. By strengthening this muscle, you are not only increasing the size of your breasts but you are also helping it to make firmer.

Some of the breast exercises that you should do regularly include different types of push-ups, chest press using dumbbells, rear lateral raise etc. A good gym instructor will be able to help you to find the right exercises which will work on pectoralis major muscle. It will be better for you if you engage in five days exercise stress to get better and faster results.

Breast massages

Breast massage will help you to naturally increase your breast size. There are several benefits that you will receive from breast massages. It will risk the possibility of breast cancer by removing the harmful toxins from your lymphatic system. It will shape the breast and will also prevent shaking in future. Breast massage will keep your breast tissues healthy because it will stimulate circulation. It will also reduce the pain resulting from breasts scarring.

There are different techniques available from breast massages. You can learn them and do it at home or you can go to a professional massage parlour to get it done. Some of the well-known techniques are the lift and shape motion, the swirling motion, the breast rolling motion, the pumping motion etc.

If you perform regular massage, you will see better and faster results. There are also some lotions and creams available for massaging which may help you to get better results.

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