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Top sleep tech currently on the market

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Eating healthy is easy enough, exercising more doesn’t take much, but getting the perfect night’s sleep? Now, that’s hard. Often through no fault of our own, it can be difficult to simply get a good 6-8 hours of quality shut-eye. Why? Well, there’s often hot summer nights or freezing mornings to deal with, a snoring partner, noisy neighbors, or perhaps you’re just lying awake stressed or in pain from a bad back. Whatever the cause, getting good sleep is not as easy as we’d like it to be.

However, as a result of this sleep difficulty that many of us face today, a lot of companies are popping up and selling products which all claim to help you achieve a perfect 40 winks. Here we give a quick rundown of what items are out there and who could benefit from them.

Bring the noise

You might think that a noise machine is the complete opposite of what you need when trying to sleep, but this is actually white noise we’re talking about. Think of white noise as a constant and unobtrusive sound that has the ability to mask other, more fluctuating sounds (such as a neighbor’s music, snoring from another room, etc.). Of course, results will vary depending on the level of noise you’re trying to block out, but for an example, this noise machine from Dohm is simply a fan that can be adjusted for speed and tone “ it can be as simple as that. Some people claim that they can now only sleep with a white noise, even if there aren’t any distracting sounds preventing them from sleep.

Who is this for?

Light sleepers and those living in city apartments. White noise machines are worth a shot if you are disrupted by sound easily and don’t like the idea of playing music or wearing earplugs. Some noise machines also play sounds like falling rain or even a train moving over tracks.

Try a new mattress or pillow

Memory foam is nothing new, of course, but there has been a revolution in the way it is being used. Several companies are now going online and selling a variety of memory foam products that are supposedly game-changers. The interesting part is that in most cases, you can get around 100 nights to test out these memory foam mattresses, and around 30 nights for some other products like pillows or mattress toppers. These newer memory foam products are also said to assist body temperature by having moisture-wicking materials (good for hot nights). Eve is one such company with these types of memory foam products, so their product range is worth a look if you need to upgrade some sort of sleeping item in your bedroom.

Who is this for?

Considering that Eve in particular has mattresses, pillows, bedding, and other items, anyone who feels like they are due for a new sleeping product can benefit. The mattresses have different sizes but only one firmness, so you’ll have to get used to that.

Monitor your sleep

Like memory foam mattresses and noise machines, sleep trackers are everywhere now. There are many wearable trackers like the Apple Watch and various Fitbit models that, when combined with an app, provide a detailed analysis of your sleeping pattern. However, there are other companies which specialize in sleep tracking products that you don’t have to wear. Although it’s difficult to choose just one, the Beddit 3 Smart Sleep Monitor is perhaps one of the better systems out there to track your sleep, namely because it is positioned underneath your bed sheet. The tracking data can be very helpful, and monitors thing slike heart rate, bedroom humidity and temperature, and time spent asleep and awake. There’s also an alarm function which can wake you up at the best possible time according to the device.

Who is this for?

For those who sleep badly but are perhaps unsure why, then sleep trackers like the Beddit system could be beneficial. Although it doesn’t provide a ‘quick fix’ like other sleep products, these trackers are said to be helpful in the long run and provide you with genuine insight into your sleeping habits.