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Foods that increase semen volume

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Are there are some foods available which can help you by increasing your semen volume? Is there any way which can help you to increase your semen volume? Let's find out.

Yes, some foods can actually help you by increasing your semen volume. The following foods will help you to increase your semen volume.


Oysters are very good for you when you want to increase semen volume. Oysters contain high levels of zinc, which is the essential mineral that can improve your testosterone levels and sperm production. When you have a higher level of testosterone, it will also improve your energy and sexual desire.


Banana is a fruit that is available in almost everywhere. It contains a special enzyme known as bromelain which is useful in increasing male libido. It contains high levels of vitamin B, which is necessary for increasing stamina. You will have more energy for the sexual encounters when you regularly eat bananas.


Carrots are important for you when you want to increase sperm volume because it contains vitamin A. If you want to improve motility of the sperm and sperm production, you will need vitamin A. This vitamin is available in carrots in higher quantity. There are other foods like oat meal, dried apricots and red bell peppers which also contain high levels of vitamin A.

Dark chocolate

It is considered as a powerful aphrodisiac. It contains L-Arginine, which is an amino acid helpful in increasing semen volume. It can also improve your organism intensity. However, you should indulge in control eating of dark chocolate because if you overeat dark chocolate, it may result in you gaining weight and because of that your testosterone levels in the body will reduce along with your sperm count.


Asparagus is a great visit able and it contains lots of vitamins C. It can help you to increase your sperm volume. Vitamin C is also essential for you because it can protect your sperm cells from damaging effects caused by free radicals. It ensures your sperm count is not reduced and so you need to include Asparagus in your existing diet.


Excel good for you because they contain high amounts of protein and vitamin E. If you want healthy and strong sperms in your testicles, eggs will help you do that. Eggs will also save your sperm cells from harmful effects of free radicals. This free radicals can kill sperm and so by protecting your sperm from free radicals, eggs can help you to improve your semen volume.


Spinach and other leafy green vegetables are good for you as they contain high amounts of folic acid. People who have low levels of folate often have the problem of distorted sperm shapes. Such sperms may have two heads or two tails. Those people are also have a higher risk of chromosomal abnormalities. So if you have less folate in your body, is it will make it difficult for your sperm to reach an egg and even if it reach it, it may not be able to fertilise the egg. There may be birth defects in case of the offspring fertilised by such abnormal sperms.


Garlic has many medicinal properties and it has been used extensively in different types of health-related problems. It is beneficial in heart problems and respiratory problems. It is a potent aphrodisiac and it can help you by improving your sperm volume. Garlic contains allicin, which can increase blood flow to the male sexual organ. It can increase sperm production and can also increase semen volume.

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