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How to reverse your biological age

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The following techniques will help you to reverse your biological age

Manage stress

If you can manage your stress, it will shave 10 years off your telomeres. A study at the University of California found that if people are under stress for longer duration, they will age their telomeres by about 10 years. It was found that mindfulness and meditation can reverse such premature ageing of telomeres. Even though you home and agreeable to completely eliminate stress from your life, you can always manage and try to reduce both the stress and the duration under stress. You can indulge in mindfulness and meditation to reduce your age by reversing your biological age.

Healthy diet

If you eat a healthy diet, it can reverse telomere ageing by five years. Several studies have found that a healthy diet has the capacity to reverse and also to slow down telomere ageing. Your diet should contain more amounts of vegetables, fish, fruits, seeds, nuts and legumes. Such a diet will protect your telomeres from shortening. You should avoid some of the foods because they can have the opposite effect on your telomeres. Such foods that initial avoid include sugar, processed foods and processed meats. With a little bit modification to your diet, you can look much younger than your age.

Regular exercise

If you regularly exercise, it can help you to look younger because exercise can take 10 years off your telomeres. So a study in King’s College in London found that regular exercise can slow down telomere ageing by about 10 years. Exercise can actually reverse your ageing and so you should make it a habit to exercise every day. There are different types of exercises available any can always choose one that you like. Even half an hour of exercise regularly will help you tremendously not only by improving how you look at also by keeping you healthy and fit.

Sleep enough

If you want to reverse telomere ageing, you will need to sleep for enough time. How much sleep is enough for you? You will need at least seven hours of sleep. Sleep is important for you because during this time our body repairs itself. The repair should be optimal so that you can look younger than your actual age. A study found that old people who slept at least seven hours had telomeres of middle aged people. Strive to achieve seven hours of restorative sleep every night and your telomere age will reverse.

Maintain your weight

Find out the ideal weight for your height and age and always try to maintain it. When you maintain your ideal weight, it can increase the length of telomeres by nine years. Overweight and obese people are more likely to look older and aged in comparison to someone who has been maintaining weight all the time. When you have more than the ideal weight, it results in oxidative stress or rusting. This condition results in shortening of telomeres and also premature ageing. So, try to maintain your ideal weight and is losing nine years of ageing and look younger. One thing which is definitely will attract a lot of people to the friv games “ they are completely free. You don't have to register on websites. You don't need to create a special account on these websites just to play one game.

Don’t be lonely as loneliness is harmful for you because it is harmful for your telomeres and it can make you look older. Social isolation is dangerous for you. If you are feeling lonely, it may result in heart diseases and it may shorten your telomeres. If you want to keep your telomeres long, which means, you are looking younger than their actual age, you should be in touch with other people. To slow your ageing process, you will need your friends and family with you.

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