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How to optimise your in season hockey training

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The following tips will help you to optimise your in season hockey training.


Start lifting heavy

For a hockey player to remain fast, strong and well-muscled, he needs to perform a well-designed strength program. If you do not lift heavy and follow a strength program, you will be weak, slow and you will lose muscle mass. Start lifting heavy weights and continue it throughout the season. The basic weightlifting movements will be good enough for you. If you train hard and regular, you can see improvement in your muscular strength and that strength will help you in the games during the season.

Short and intense workouts

To get the maximum benefit from your workout with the weights, you need to minimise your time in the gym. It means that you will need some short and intense workouts whenever you are in the gym. You need to get all your workout completed within 45 to 60 minutes.

Design a program or find one that will help you to do short but intense workouts and help you gain more muscles. If you minutes rest between main sets can be added if necessary. The main workout should be intense. When you perform such a workout it will provide you with muscular strength necessary for better performance and the hockey field.

Look at your mobility

When you are playing hockey, there will be many problems on and off the field. Among all the problems is very crucial one is mobility issues. When you are playing hockey for a longer duration, your mobility may be restricted due to some issues with different parts of your body. The most common problem areas seen in hockey are heaped and shoulder mobility and ankle mobility. Because you spend lots of time bent over at the hip and slouched forward at the shoulders, limited hip and shoulder mobility may happen. Due to the restrictive nature of skates, ankle mobility may become an issue for you. To rectify this problem is, you need corrective or mobility exercises. These exercises can be performed along with your warmup exercises before every game, workout and even practice. If you minutes of mobility drill sequence that target the specific problem areas can help you to get rid of such mobility restrictions which directly hamper your game and results.


As important as the workouts are, recovery is equally important for you. If you are not focusing much on recovery, that may create a problem with your workout plan and your fitness. A good night's sleep is very important for you like other people for better energy levels and cognitive function. You cannot ignore the recovery period and so you cannot ignore rest and sleep. If you understand the importance of recovery and you focus equally on it, you will feel better and you will be able to perform to your full potential.

After a training session, you can always lie down for 30 to 60 minutes of sleep in the afternoon. Have a good post workout meal and then go to sleep for a short duration. If you are travelling for games, you can always use the time on the bus, on the train and in the flight to sleep and recover. A pair of good ear plug can help you to easily sleep and block away any distractions.

Massage can also help you to recover better and faster. You will need an expert to help you with the massages so that it not only relaxes you but it also rejuvenates you for the next game.

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