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Few naturopathic tips for a healthy lifestyle

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Positive thinking

Start your day with some positive thoughts. Your thoughts decide your emotions and depending on your emotion neurotransmitters are secreted. If you're thoughts are negative and so are your emotions, stress producing neurotransmitters such as cortical and adrenaline will be produced. If your thoughts are positive and as a result your emotions are positive, positive neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin will be released in the body.


If you are living a sedentary lifestyle, it is dangerous for you. You can get up every hour for a few minutes. Doing that will eliminate the possibility of blood and lymph stagnation. If it is possible, you can walk, jog, stretch or do some Yoga or Tai Chi on the spot. You should also try deep breathing through the nose.

Besides that you should regularly exercise to ensure that your body parts are functioning well. A good sweat after a good exercise is very much beneficial for your health. You can start walking, swimming, jogging or engage in more intensive exercises in the gym. Playing outdoors will also ensure that you get enough exercise for different parts of your body which will help you to create a healthy lifestyle.

Body rub

This body rub should be done before or after your shower. It should be done for five minutes. It has positive effects on your health. Take white organic or unbleached cotton, flax or linen washcloth and dip it in hot water. Now with the clothe, rub your skin gently. Start from your fingertip to your heart area and also start rubbing your body from the toes towards the heart. Focus more on underarms, collarbones, soles, heart, the bikini line, and back of the knees. These areas are important because concentrated lymph channels are found there. Why is rubbing beneficial for your body? With rubbing, you'll be able to remove dead skin, which will allow better gas exchange. It will also help to improve the condition of your veins, increase lymph circulation and release the toxins from your body. It will improve your immune system by stimulating it.

Contrast shower

First shower for one minute with water as hot as you can bear and then shower for 30 seconds with water as cold as you can bear. Repeat this process three times. The big difference in temperature between the two types of water has a therapeutic benefit. It will help you by increasing your blood circulation, removing toxins and boosting your lymphatic circulation. This process will help you by improving your immune system.

The health journal

If you can keep a health journal, it will definitely help you. You can write about your health and the steps taken to improve your health in this journal. You can also write about the diet you are having at this moment. Include the foods and drinks you are taking regularly in this journal. It will help you to track your diet and your habits to find out the causes of your problems and find a fix for them. It can also include different symptoms of medical problems and health conditions you suffer from. Write about different emotions that you face during a day. Also write about the weather and whether the symptoms and problem you are suffering from are related to the whether or not. It means if it rains weather you feel better or worse. Also write if you feel better under the sun. Keeping a health journal will ensure that you become more aware of yourself and it will help you to believe a healthy lifestyle by finding out factors that contribute towards your health.


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