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Foods that turn into belly fat

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We eat different foods and the impact of these foods on our body is different. There are some foods which are good for you and your body and there are some foods which are not good for your health and body. Some of the foods can turn into belly fat and if you're trying to lose your belly fat, you will need to avoid them. It's important to know about them so that you can avoid these foods in your diet.


Let's find out about the foods that turn into belly fat.


Pizza is considered as the second biggest contributor of saturated fat to your diet and it is making you fat. There is full of the artery clogging fat. The more slices you eat, the more possibility of getting belly flab. Saturated fats are more likely to get stored in the stomach area and that's why the pizza slices are more likely to make you fat in the abdomen area.

Diet soda

If you really want to get a flat belly and reduce your belly fat, you will need to ditch the diet soda that you love so much. Sugary beverages including diet soda can make you fat and specially add more fat in your abdomen. People who drink diet soda are found to have a wider waist circumference in comparison to people who do not drink it. Those people who drink the soda are likely to have more belly flab. If you need to drink something, you can always drink water or white tea. White tea can help you by breaking down stored fat.

French fries

French fries will make you fat by adding more fat to your belly area. It's a fat laden carb which is harmful for your health and especially for your abdomen health. If you eat fries regularly you are going to get 3 pounds of body weight every four years. So within a few years, you may add several pounds of belly flab to your body. And probably this is something you really don't want. French fries very tasty but there effect is also very drastic. Next time when you go out for eating, instead of the French fries, you can always get a side salad.

Potato chips

It is the worst food for you if you're trying to lose belly fat. Potato chips contain saturated fat which will result in abdominal fat gain. Since they also contain salt, they may generally cause bloating. It is very bad for your belly. Potato chips do not make you feel satisfied or full and as a result the amount of consumption may go very high without you noticing that. It can as fat to your body very fast. If you stop eating potato chips, you can easily reduce fat from the belly area. That is possible even when you don't do anything else.

Fruit juice

Yes even fruit juice can be a big problem for you because it can add more belly fat. Even though it is good for you, has lots of vitamin C and is natural, however many of the bottled and packed juices have lots of sugar added to them. Per cup of such juice may contain up to 36 g of sugar and it is definitely not good for your belly because it will add more belly flab. Most of the sweet juices contain fructose, which is a sugar which add more face several adipose tissues or belly fat.

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