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The secrets of ageing well

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Do you want to live long and prosper? Do you want to live life which is healthy and happy? Probably all of us to. Ageing is a process that you cannot stop but it is possible to age well and enjoy the process.



There has been different studies on the process of ageing and finding ways to age well. There have been many comprehensive examination of ageing in different parts of the world and hundreds and thousands of men and women have been examined to find out the secrets of ageing well. Those men and women have been followed through their adolescents into their old age to find out the answer to a happy and healthy life even during old age.

The factors

The following factors are very essential in ageing well and becoming happy even during old age. This factors include-

  • Stopping smoking
  • Better coping skills
  • Exercising regularly
  • Pursuing education
  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Stronger and better social relationships including marriage


You will need some friends. When you are growing older, you will need some good friends to have good health. The friendship may be with any other person, spouse, and siblings, anyone else. You need friends to enjoy the moment and live in the present. Social connections have some health promoting power. If you have better social relationships, you're more likely to stay mentally alert because you will probably have less age-related mental decline issues. Such problems are more in people who are isolated.


When you have friends in your life, you feel loved and cared for. Such feeling will improve your mental well-being. They also help you with your good habits such as exercising regularly or going for a walk.

Stay mentally active

If you really want to stay young even when you age, you will need curiosity and creativity. These two characteristics will help you to stay mentally active even though you suffer from joint pain. If you keep learning something new all the time, you will age gracefully and happily. It is possible to maintain a playful spirit and if you can find some young friends, they will help you to stay happy even when you're ageing.

And it is always easy and possible to change your lifestyle. If you present lifestyle is not what it should be, you can always change it and make it healthier. However, if you start it early, there are definitely some advantages. But everyone can make the necessary changes to start progressing on the road to ageing well.

Stopping smoking is such a very important decision that you should take. It will keep you away from ageing faster and having several health problems. Exercising regularly is another important habit that you need to pick up when you really want to age well with great health and happiness. Exercising will keep you healthy and will ensure that all your organs are working fine as they should be. Maintaining a healthy weight will ensure that you do not suffer from the various ailments that can result from excess weight and too much of fat.

Better coping skills

You will need to learn coping skills which will help you to keep yourself away from the harmful effects of stress and other emotional problems. It is possible to learn how to manage your emotions so that they cannot wreak havoc on your mental and physical health. Managing your emotions well will ensure that you live a happy life and accept the changes that occur with growing age. That will fill your life with happiness and peace even when you are a little old.


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