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How to remove water from ears

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How to remove water from your ears can be something very easy when you know what to do. If you know how to remove water from ears, you'll be able to do it without much problem and within a short time. Let's find out how to remove water from ears with a few simple tips.


Use gravity

Gravity can help you to easily remove water from your ears. First stand on one foot and then tilt your head to one side. Whatever water is there inside your ear, it will slowly start to come out. To make the process faster, you can hop on your foot. While doing that, you can tug the earlobe, which will open the canal and will drain the water out faster. It is also fine if you lie down on the bed and place your ear down. If you stay in that position for a few minutes, the water will go out.

Chew or yawn

When you're trying to find out how to remove water from ears, you can use the following effective but unbelievable method. Chew some gum and water in your year will start coming out. Why does it happen? The water gets stuck in the Eustachian tubes in your inner ear and when you chew gums it helps in removing the water.

Yawning can also help you to remove water from your ears. If there is a bubble of water inside in the Eustachian tube, yawning will pop that bubble. While yawning if you feel shift of water or a pop, then it is because your yawn has popped the water bubble.

Take help of the blow dryer

You can use the blow dryer to drain your ears. While using the dryer, first put it in the lowest heat and keep it at some distance from your ear. Blow the dryer for some time and what will start draining from your ears. Do not take the dryer too close to your ears and do not use it too warm.

Olive oil

Olive oil can also help you to remove water from ears. It is considered as a very good remedy in such problems. Since it also has some antiseptic properties, it is also safer because there won't be any risk of infection. First you need to warm little bit of olive oil and then using a dropper put a few drops of the oil in your ear. Keep it for about 10 minutes and then you need to tilt your head to sideways. Use an earbud to remove the oil and the water.

Create a vacuum

By creating a vacuum, you can get rid of the water in your ears. Put the affected ear on your palm, and push your palm towards your ear creating a vacuum. First push in and then push out using your palm. It will work like a suction by creating a vacuum which will force the water to drain from your affected ear.

Use some ear drops

There are over-the-counter ear drops available which will help you to remove water from your ears. You will find them in a nearby pharmacy. Once you put the drops in the ear, tilt the ear so that the water can drain out slowly from it.

Use steam

Using steam can also help you to remove water from ears. Steam will push out the water present inside your ear. To do that, you can take some steaming water in a bowl and start inhaling the steam after covering your head with a towel. When you do it for 5 to 10 minutes, you should tilt your affected ear to one side and the trapped water will start draining out.


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