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How to regrow hair naturally

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Often people who lose their hair try to find out how to regrow hair naturally. The following tips will help you to understand how to regrow hair naturally in some simple ways.


Head massage

Head massages is a very important technique that will help you to regrow hair naturally. It is a very important ritual if you really want long, strong and healthy hair. If you have lost your due to some or other reason, this is a technique that you should employ each and every day to regrow hair naturally. Head massage is good because it improves blood circulation to your scalp. It also drains toxins away from the scalp. You can massage your of head without using any oil but it'll be better if you use some more oil for head massaging because you will get double benefit from it. You can use all dislike coconut oil, flaxseed oil, castor oil, mustard oil, almond oil or any other oil that you like. To do that, first you need to apply oil on your scalp and then start messaging very gently easing your fingers. Messaging your head for 10 to 15 minutes will be enough to get the benefit. Leave the oil on your scalp for about an hour and then wash it. It is also okay if you leave the oil for one night, because it will offer you better condition. You should massage your head at least once every week for better results.

Use Amla

Amla or Indian gooseberry is a fruit that is used for better hair health. It has herbal properties which help in regrowing of hair naturally. If you are trying to find how to regrow hair naturally, you will find the name of Amla in your research. Amla contains high levels of vitamins C, amino acids, minerals, tannins and flavonoids. You can eat the fruit fresh or dried. It also has some antimicrobial effects. You can eat it or you can use the raw amla juice. You can also use amla powder or amla oil on your hair. You can mix it with other oils or used alone. Besides improving your hair health, it will also help you to keep your scalp clean and dandruff free.

Amla stops hair loss, improves hair health, reverse greying and increases the strength besides regrowing your hair naturally.  You can use amla juice along with coconut oil or other oils while messaging your head. You should also eat fresh or dried amla for better results.

Watch your diet

If you want to know how to regrow hair naturally, you will need to know about your diet and watch it. Your diet will play a very crucial role in regrowing hair naturally. You will have to include more fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet. You need them because they will offer you with the necessary vitamins and minerals. Vitamins C, vitamins A, iron, vitamins E, biotin, calcium, zinc are some of the minerals and vitamins that you need for better health of your hair and to regrow hair. Fruits and vegetables that you need to include in your diet are orange, apple, banana, green leafy vegetables, berries, cauliflower, apricot, melon, carrot, pumpkin etc. They will help you to have healthy hair growth besides regrowing the hair that you lost. You also need to add more protein sources to your diet. Protein may come from meat, fish or other vegetarian protein sources such as lentils, beans etc. If you like protein in your diet, the hair growth will be slow. Iron is another element that you need for better hair health.


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