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How to measure heart rate

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How to measure heart rate is a question that probably everyone asks. The answer is also very simple. You can easily understand how to measure heart rate and then apply the knowledge to measure your own heart rate.


Your heart rate is number of heart beats per minute. The heart beats will be different based on your condition. If you are at rest, you will have a resting heart rate. If you're engaged in physical activity, your heart rate will increase. It may reach twice the number of your resting rate. To measure your heart rate, you will need to count the number of heart beats per minute.

Measuring your radial pulse

You will need to put your index and second finger tips inside your wrist. The fingers should be below the base of the thumb and you'll be able to get the radial pulse. The pulse at your wrist is the radial pulse any can count it to find out the heart beats per second.

Maj your carotid pulse

Two measure your carotid pulse, you will need to place your index and second finger tips on the side of your neck. Put the fingers beside the windpipe to get the correct reading. It will give you the carotid pulse, when you count the beats per minute.

Finding your resting heart rate

It is the heart rate when you are at rest. You can check your resting heart rate and find out a lot about yourself. If you're physically less fit, then your resting heart rate will be higher. If your resting heart rate is low, it means you are more physically fit. The best time to measure your resting heart rate is immediately after you wake up in the morning.

Take a clock or a stopwatch. With your right hand try to find your pulse. You can get the radial pulse on your neck or the carotid pulse on your wrist. Find the best location for getting the pulse perfectly and then count the number of throbs or beats. You need to count the number of beats for 60 seconds because it will give you the heart rate. You can count the number of beats for 15 seconds and then multiply it by four or count the beats for 30 seconds and multiply it by two.

It is very important to use the right fingers for measuring your heart rate or pulse. If you use the thumb, you may get a wrong reading because the thumb has its own pulse. You need to use your index finger and the third finger.

If you have any problem in concentrating in counting the beats because of the ticking clock, you can always get help from your friends in correctly finding the number of beats per minute because it is your heart rate and you need to find it correctly.

Measuring your heart rate with a phone

If you want to measure your heart rate using your phone, it is possible. You will need an android phone that has integrated the heart rate monitor. You can also install some apps which can monitor your heartbeat. Using your phone's camera, you can count your heart rate. Even though different apps work differently but they can accurately measure your heart rate using different techniques and technologies.

While measuring your heart rate, you need to put moderate pressure so that you can feel the pulse of the blood just below the skin. If necessary you can change the location of your fingers to find the right spot to get the correct reading of your heart rate.


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