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How to improve circulation

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If you have blood circulation issues, there will be different medical problems that you're going to face. However, it is possible to improve circulation and for that, you need to know how to improve circulation. The answers to the question how to improve circulation are many and will help you to understand about them.


Eat healthy foods

Some foods are good for you when you need to improve your blood circulation. Such foods include fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains and healthy fats like olive oil, fish oil, nuts and seeds. You should always avoid processed foods because they are bad for your blood circulation. Too much sugar or salt and foods laden with unhealthy saturated and trans fats are not good for blood circulation. You want to avoid foods that may deposit fat in your arteries and thereby causing blocking and of destruction in blood circulation.

Increased physical activity

if you increase your physical activity, it will help you to improve blood circulation in your body. There are different types of exercises and you can take up any one that you like. You can walk regularly. When you walk after your meals, it helps you by increasing your blood circulation besides helping you in digestion. You should at least walk for 30 minutes every day.

You can also take up other exercises like cardiovascular training which includes swimming, running, biking, other sports or strength training which includes lifting weights. Aerobic exercises improve your blood vessel function and increase circulation of blood by improving your heart health. Strength training increases cardiovascular effectiveness thereby increasing blood circulation. Even stretching can help you to increase your blood circulation. If you spend most of your working time on a chair, you can find some time in between and do some stretching exercises right at your office so as to improve your blood circulation.


massage is similar to exercising and it can also help you to increase blood circulation. It stimulates flow of blood in different soft tissues. If your body is tight and tense, then you can eliminate that problem by massaging your muscles. It also helps in removing naturally occurring toxins from your body which will again help in better blood circulation. Rosemary essential oil is considered as good oil for different types of circulation problems. Use it in the massage to get better results.

Drink more water

when you drink more water it is not only beneficial for your overall health but it also helps you in improving your blood circulation. If you want to know how to improve circulation, and you need to understand that a simple glass of water can also help you. When you drink the required amount of water your body does not have any problem in producing the necessary energy and performing daily functions. If you can drink warm water, it's better for you because cold water may reduce the size of your veins temporary.

Cut down other drinks

you need to reduce the amount of caffeine intake. In the same way, you need to reduce the amount of alcohol. Another drink that you should reduce is sugary drinks. They cause different types of health issues which interfere with blood circulation. Avoid anything that may make you fat and obese and can deposit fat in your veins and arteries because that will obstruct the normal blood circulation.

If you are seeing signs that are alarming, you should immediately go and see a doctor. Such signs may include tingling in your feet and hands, slow healing of wounds, bluish tinted skin etc.



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