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How to grow your nails faster

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Fashion conscious people, especially ladies, always want to know how to grow your nails faster. There are different ways which can help you to find out how to grow your nails faster. The following tips will help you to grow them faster than the normal growth.


Moisturise your nails

Moisturising your nails regularly is an Ansett to the question how to grow your nails faster?”. You need to keep your nails moist so that they can easily grow. Moisturising them will also keep them away from breakage, which will help you to grow them longer and faster. You need to moisturise them more during the fall and winter because otherwise your nails may split and crack easily. Like your hands and skin, your nails will also need moisturising. After you wash your hands, you can put a little hand cream and along with your hands, you can also rub the moisturiser on your nails. If you are working outside, it is always good to wear gloves in cold weather. You can also use a rubber glove when you are doing different tasks in your house.

Biotin supplements

Biotin supplements can help you to grow your nails more quickly. It's a dietary supplement. Studies have found that it can provide strength to brittle nails. Stronger nails will not break or split easily. You'll be unable to grow your nails longer. There are different types of vitamins prescribed for skin, hair and nails and they generally contain biotin supplement as an ingredient. You can talk to a dermatologist before you start taking biotin supplements.

Wear the right shoe

When you wear shoes, make sure it's the right size for you. If you do not wear the right shoes, the toenails may grow in different fashions than normal. It may grow into the surrounding skin and that will hamper the natural growth. It may also cause pain, infections and swelling and in that case, your nails will not grow faster, probably they will not grow at all. Tight shoes may also lead to cracking of the nails. It may also make them black and blue.

Don't go out barefoot

If you're going to any public places such as locker rooms, stores, swimming pools, you should wear your shoes. Those places are breeding grounds for different types of fungi and viruses and they may infect your toenails. When it's not healthy, it cannot grow faster.

Hormones and temperature

Hormones and temperature can help your nails grow faster. Hormones help in growing your nails faster and that's why nails of pregnant women grow fast. Temperature also helps in faster growth of your nails and that's why you will see more nail growth during summer than in winter.

Keep it away from fungus

A fungus can cause different types of infections of your nails. It can spread from one person to another and they can cause pain, inflammation and breakage. There are different causes such as you meet places. Fungal nail infections amount for about 50% of the total nail problems. You need to look for the warning signs and start treatment as soon as possible. If you see yellowing, lifting, crumbling, thickening of your nails, you should immediately see a doctor. It is always better to prevent the infection instead of treatment because treatment may take several months or weeks. By keeping your nails clean by washing and then drying it completely will help you to keep your nails healthy. If you sweat a lot, you should change your socks very often.



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